Life Science Nation Newsletter  | February 23,  2017  |  Issue 202

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Life Science Investor Mandates (Feb. 16  - Feb. 22)
Makes Seed-Series B Biotech & Medtech Investments
Raises New Fund For US Life Science Deals
Invests in Drug Discovery Tech, Precision & Cell Based Medicine, IVDs and Medtech
Seeks Early Stage Investments in Drugs, Nutraceuticals and Digital Health
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By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

LSN's Research team casts a very broad net when seeking life science investors. We speak with investors of many different types, including family offices, venture capital firms, major corporations and their VC arms, and venture philanthropy investors; we also look all over the world for investors who are interested in early stage life science deals.

From working with a very diverse crowd of investors and hearing the experiences of LSN's clients in winning allocations from those investors, we've consistently found that it pays to keep your mind open about how to get your asset funded. We've noted before that you can't prescribe reality when raising a round; while you might have an ideal scenario for who you're going to get a check from and when, many of our clients have been surprised to discover who their company is truly a fit for, and timeframes also often go awry.

The reality is that many, many entrepreneurs will be pitching to the top 20 US VC funds; family offices that invest early are similarly inundated with startup pitches. In addition to these players, there are hundreds of other active investors in your space that it doesn't make sense to ignore. Many LSN clients have received allocations from investors who were not previously on their radar...

By James Huang, Research Analyst, LSN

The Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) Conference presents many great opportunities for life science entrepreneurs looking for investors. RESI offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to engage in 1-on-1 meetings - up to 16 scheduled 1-on-1's in a day and many additional ad-hoc meetings! 

Life Science Nation (LSN) isn't just RESI though. This video provides an overview of how RESI fits together with LSN's two other services, the LSN Investor Platform and LSN Company Platform, and also with Boston Innovation Capital (BIC), a registered broker dealer who is a wholly owned subsidiary of LSN...

By Cole Bunn, Senior Research Analyst, LSN

As we move closer to the second holding of the RESI conference in Toronto at the MaRs Discovery District, we are delighted to make our first panel announcement: Consumer Health Investors.

Desire for greater autonomy in healthcare management/decision-making and healthy lifestyle trends coupled with advances in technology has created investor interest in health solutions that are provided directly to consumers, including the new consumer subsector of digital health. This panel will focus on these investors who are backing technologies that aim to empower consumers to take charge of their health. Given the region's concentration of these types of startups, Toronto is a fantastic venue for this session exploring the unique opportunities and challenges in this emerging space. The session will feature the following:
  • Stefanie Dhanda, Sr. Director Consumer Scientific Innovation, Johnson & Johnson Innovation
  • Stuart Browne, CEO, Pycap
  • Amine Benmoussa, Principal, BDC Healthcare Fund
  • Sunny Kumar, Director, Innovation Group, Canada Health Infoway
  • Neil D'Cruz, Vice President Business Development, Dynacare