June 3, 2021

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Cape Cod Academy's 45th Commencement was held today. CCA graduated 23 students in an indoor ceremony due to inclement weather. The school arranged for the ceremony to be streamed live on the school’s website, so those who were unable to attend could view it in real time. The international graduates joined via Zoom so that they could be a part of the ceremony. 
Class of 2021
Robert Anthony Brown - Boston University's Metropolitan College
Hope Emma Carty - Savannah College of Art and Design
Devin Antonio Daniels - Bryant University
John Daniel Dunford
Lintao (Liam) Feng - Brandeis University 
Lian (Francis) Gan - University of California, San Diego 
Jimin (Jerome) Hong - Case Western Reserve University 
Zhenyu (Bruce) Hu - Boston University
Andrew Tito James - Eastern Nazarene College
Muhammad Aayuan Khan - University of Massachusetts, Boston 
Donghyub (Daniel) Lee - University of Southern California
Wanchi (Crement) Liu - Savannah College of Art and Design
Xiaozhen(Crystal) Liu - Boston University
Jade Song McNair - Boston College
Carter Thomas Morin - University of San Diego
Ke (Chloe) Qiu - Boston University 
Cooper McClellan Ream - Fordham University
Victor Manuel Rosario Savinon - Wentworth Institute of Technology 
Shane Selinger - Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT
Mubai (William) Tan - King’s College London
Todd M. West - Nichols College
Kelly Jean Wyeth - Cape Cod Community College
Tianhao (Michael) Yin - University of California
Ceremonies & Celebrations

Special award ceremonies and student presentations that featured accomplishments and accolades from this past year took place this week at Cape Cod Academy.
Awards Ceremony

Cape Cod Academy's annual Awards Day has held on Wednesday, June 2 in the Accrocco Alumni Courtyard. The ceremony began with the presentation of College Book Awards. These awards were given to current CCA juniors by Christine Brown and Beth Faris, Co-Directors of College Counseling. Following the Book Awards, students were recognized with Department Awards, Student Council Recognitions, the Academic Excellence Award, and the Spirit of Cape Cod Academy Athletics Award. You can view the full ceremony here.
Book Awards Presented to Juniors

Every spring, colleges and their alumni seek to recognize high school juniors who have worked especially hard and achieved scholastic success at a high level. By awarding these books, they hope to honor the accomplishments of these students and to encourage them to think of themselves as potential students at that college or university.

Catherine Clarke: Recipient of The Dartmouth College Book Award that recognizes a “student who has demonstrated intellectual leadership and made a positive contribution to the extracurricular life of the school.”

Zhili (Sam) Dai: Recipient of the Harvard University Book Award that recognizes a “student who exemplifies excellence in scholarship and high character combined with achievement in other fields.”

Xiawei (William) Liu: Recipient of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Book Award that seeks to recognize “a student who demonstrates outstanding achievement in his or her study of science, math and related subjects.”
Aidan Peck: Recipient of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal that recognizes a student who “demonstrates potential for success in a challenging academic setting, excels in advanced math and science courses, and exhibits significant involvement in extracurricular activities.”
Madeline Gelnett: Recipient of the Smith College Book Award for "a student who exemplifies academic achievement, leadership, and concern for others."

Yujie ( George) Zhao: Recipient of the Tufts University Book Award that recognizes "a student who demonstrates not only high overall academic achievement and leadership, but who approaches his or her studies with enthusiasm, joy, and curiosity."
Adam Hanna: Recipient of the University of Notre Dame Book Award that is presented to "a student whose academic record and character are exceptional and who has made significant personal contributions to his or her school or community."

Haotian (Owen) Wu: Recipient of the University of Pennsylvania Book Award that recognizes "a student who best exemplifies the qualities and characteristics of Benjamin Franklin – a scholar, innovator, and one who serves the community."

Hunter Kadra: Recipient of the Yale University Book Award that recognizes a student who best exemplifies excellence in scholarship, character, leadership, and civic-mindedness.
Department Awards

Jade McNair received The English Department Award.

Carter Morin received The Humanities Department Award.
Lian (Francis) Gan received The Mathematics Department Award.

Tianhao (Michael) Yin received The Science Department Award.

Tianhao (Michael) Yin received the World Language Department Award.

Hope Carty received the Art Department Award.

Jade McNair (President) and Andrew James (VP) received the Student Council Awards. 

Adam Hanna received the Academic Excellence Award.

Jade McNair received the Spirit of Cape Cod Academy in Athletics Award.
Eighth-Grade Awards

The Eighth-Grade Community Award was presented to Lilian Shanahan '25. This award is presented annually to the eighth-grade student who in his or her growth, best exemplifies the quality of wit, talent, and kindness. Jade McNair, a senior who received the Community Award when she was in eighth grade, presented the award to Lili.

The Larry Brown Compassion Award was presented to Megan Morey '25. This award was created to honor former faculty member, Larry Brown, and is given annually to the middle school student who demonstrates tolerance, charity, and good will. Larry Brown was on hand to present the award.
Fifth-Grade Memoirs

Our fifth-grade students enjoyed a special moving-up ceremony where each student shared their memoirs with parents, friends, and faculty.
Faculty Members Honored

The presentations of awards was followed by a special ceremony that celebrated the milestones of six distinguished colleagues. Former Head of School, Tom Evans, was in attendance to celebrate and speak about them. Honored faculty and staff (pictured left to right): Philip Kenney - 25 years, (Tom Evans), Paula Wiley - 20 years, Suzanne Adler - 20 years, Jan Rapp - 26 years, Scott Andrews - 25 years, and Robert Peterson - 10 years.
Middle Schoolers Presented
Independent Learning Projects

Middle school students made presentations on their special-interest projects as part of their Educational Exploration, or E2 course. This new program gave them an opportunity to explore a topic, concept, or issue that falls outside the boundaries of typical middle school courses. Topics presented by our middle school students:
1.    Children of the Moon - Jay Cornwall ‘26
2.    Baking - Kaleigh Howe '25, Jenna Marsh '25, and Bella Scioletti '25
3.    Water Pollution - Olivia Calise ‘27
4.    Hydrodynamics and Hull Design - Ben Catalano ‘26
5.    The Right Decision - Ruby Weston ‘26
6.    Japanese - Jaxson Witt ‘27
7.    Animatronics - James Brunicardi '27
8.    WWII and its Aftermath - Jake O’Dowd '25
Senior Service Projects Presented

Each year, CCA seniors dedicate their last weeks of school working on a dedicated project to support the greater community. Their projects culminate in presentations of their work to families, faculty, and classmates.
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