Cape Connection

Cape Connection, composed monthly by Town Manager Frank Rush, is the official newsletter of the Town of Cape Carteret.

Edition 22-5 

December 29, 2022

Happy New Year!

Town of Cape Carteret Excited for 2023!

Happy New Year to our residents, property owners, businesses, and friends of Cape Carteret! The Town of Cape Carteret wishes everyone a healthy, enjoyable, and prosperous 2023, and we are excited about the Town's plans for 2023 and beyond!

The Mayor, the Board of Commissioners, the Planning Board, and the Town staff will all be working hard to deliver the most cost-effective local government services, in a friendly and helpful manner, and with a clear focus on improving the community in 2023 and beyond. Many beneficial initiatives are already underway, with more planned, including the following:

  • significant storm water improvements are currently being designed for the Sutton Drive and Sutton Place areas, with plans for construction in the coming months,

  • design contracts were recently awarded for significant storm water improvements in the Ardan Oaks neighborhood and Bogue Sound Drive area, and design work will begin in earnest after the holidays,

  • plans are being formulated now for the full completion of the Cape Carteret bicycle trail, with construction of the remaining ~ 1 mile along Taylor Notion Road and NC 58 targeted for summer 2023,

  • Town officials are considering the co-location of Town administrative staff and the Police Department in the same building in 2023, in an effort to enhance customer service and achieve operational efficiencies,

  • efforts are planned to streamline and simplify the Town's development regulations, in order to create a more customer-friendly development process, with greater transparency, and promote quality new development in the Town,

  • Public Works staff will be making a greater effort to improve the aesthetics of the NC 24 corridor in the future, and working to enhance all of the Town's public facilities and infrastructure,

  • the Town will be working to revamp the Town's website, seeking to improve our web image, make it easier for our customers to conduct business with the Town, and more effectively communicate with our customers,

  • Town staff will be working to grow and enhance the Town's special events in 2023, with an emphasis on quality rather than quantity, and

  • the Mayor and Board of Commissioners will be engaging in long-term budget planning to continually move the Town forward, but in a fiscally conservative and responsible manner that respects our taxpayers.

All of us at the Town of Cape Carteret are proud to serve you, and are happy to help in any way that we can. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 252-393-8483, via email , or in person at Town Hall at 102 Dolphin Street.

Cape Carteret Police Department Implementing Body Worn Cameras

The Board of Commissioners recently authorized the purchase of body-worn cameras for all officers in the Cape Carteret Police Department, and we expect the new cameras to be in use later this winter. The new cameras are funded primarily by a $17,000+ grant from the Federal Bureau of Justice Assistance.

The CCPD is pleased to implement this technology, which will supplement in-vehicle camera systems, and will improve transparency and accountability in the Police Department. Video footage will also provide additional evidence for legal proceedings.

Three Options Available to Discard Christmas Trees

The Surfrider Foundation is collecting Christmas trees at the corner of Islander Drive and Emerald Drive in Emerald Isle from now until February 3, and will use the discarded trees to bolster the dunes on the oceanfront in Emerald Isle. Cape Carteret residents are welcome to discard trees at this location, and help build the dunes on nearby beaches.

If you'd like someone to pick up your tree, the Sea Scout Ship and Maritime Explorer Club will pick up your tree for a suggested $10 donation, and use these trees to bolster the dunes. For more information, click HERE .

Additionally, Cape Carteret residents may dispose of Christmas trees at the Carteret County convenience site located near the intersection of NC 58 and West Firetower Road in Peletier.

New Police Chief to Be Announced Soon

After a thorough search and interview process this past fall, Town Manager Frank Rush has selected a highly qualified law enforcement professional to serve as the Town's next Police Chief. Final background checks are now being completed, and a formal public announcement is expected in the coming days. The new Police Chief will lead the 7-member department, and will be working hard to keep our community safe and maintain helpful relationships with our residents, property owners, and businesses.

New Police Vehicles Added to Fleet

The Cape Carteret Police Department recently took delivery of 3 new Dodge Chargers, and these new vehicles supplement a high quality Police fleet that includes 4 Dodge Chargers purchased in 2021, a 2017 Dodge Charger, and a 2019 Chevrolet Tahoe. The Town is committed to equipping our officers with reliable and effective equipment that presents a professional image.

FY 23-24 Budget Process Set to Begin

The Town will begin the FY 23-24 budget process at a special budget planning workshop meeting on Monday, January 30 in the Town Hall. The special meeting will include a review of the Town's financial position, preliminary budget projections, a discussion of the Town's long-term goals, and key budget issues for the next fiscal year.

FY 23-24 begins on July 1, 2023, and Town officials will be working over the next several months to craft a responsible spending plan that addresses community priorities, enhances Town services, and minimizes the cost to our taxpayers.  

Town Decal Required to Use Water Access Parks

Town water access parks are located at the terminus of Bonita Street, Manatee Street, Dolphin Street, Anita Fort Drive, Holly Lane, Bogue Sound Drive, Lejeune Road, Bayshore Drive, and Easy Street. These water access parks were dedicated for use by Town residents and property owners only, and a Town-issued decal is required to be affixed to vehicles utilizing these parks. Town decals are free of charge to all Cape Carteret residents and property owners, and may be picked up at Town Hall during normal business hours (Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm).

Use of the Town's public boat launching facility at the terminus of Manatee Street requires a specially-issued annual boat ramp pass. These passes are issued in June and July each year at the Town Hall, for specified annual fees, on a first come, first served basis while supplies last.

The Town also offers a public kayak launching facility on Pettiford Creek on NC 58 north of Taylor Notion Road, and this facility is open to everyone. No decals or passes are required to use this facility.

Renew Your Golf Cart Permit Now

Existing Town of Cape Carteret golf cart permits will expire on December 31, and the Town is now accepting golf cart permit renewal applications. The new permits are effective January 1, 2023, and will be valid through December 31, 2023. The renewal fee is $75.

Golf cart permit applications are available on the Town's website by clicking HERE . Completed applications and payment must be submitted at Town Hall during normal business hours, 9 am - 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

Board Approves Reduction in Number of Special Use Permits

The Board of Commissioners recently approved an amendment to the Town's Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) that reduces the number of special use permits included in the UDO. The Town's UDO previously included a large number of special uses in the Table of Permitted and Special Uses, and the recent amendment eliminates some uses and converts many others to permitted uses by right.

The recent amendment is intended to simplify and streamline the Town's development review process, provide greater certainty for both residents and developers about what kind of new development is permitted or not permitted in certain areas, and promote greater transparency.

Board Sets 2023 Meeting Schedules

The Board of Commissioners recently approved the 2023 meeting schedules, and the public is encouraged to attend Town meetings.

The Board of Commissioners meets each month on the second Tuesday of the month at 6 pm at Town Hall at 102 Dolphin Street. Special meetings are scheduled as needed during the year.

The Planning Board meets each month on the third Tuesday of the month at 6 pm, also at Town Hall at 102 Dolphin Street.

The next Board of Commissioners meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 9. The next Planning Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 17.

Next American Music Festival Concert Scheduled for January 7

The American Music Festival (AMF) has been providing great music to Carteret County and eastern North Carolina for the last 32 years, and their next concert is scheduled for Saturday, January 7 at the First Presbyterian Church in Morehead City. The Cassett String Quartet will perform, and more details are available HERE . A portion of the ticket proceeds and donations to AMF go to provide music outreach programs for county school children.

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Did You Know?

The Town's Public Works Department collects vegetative debris during a special collection event held once every quarter. Town staff collected and disposed of 16 loads of vegetative debris from 267 households during the most recent collection event conducted in early December. The next collection will be conducted in March of April.