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Cape Connection, composed monthly by Town Manager Frank Rush, is the official newsletter of the Town of Cape Carteret.

Edition 22-2   September 29, 2022

Impacts from Tropical Storm / Hurricane Ian Expected Later Tonight, This Weekend

As of 11 am, Tropical Storm Ian has moved across Florida and is moving into the Atlantic Ocean near Cape Canaveral. Ian is forecast to re-strengthen to a Category 1 hurricane, and make landfall again near Charleston, SC tomorrow afternoon and continue moving inland toward western North Carolina over the next few days.

Cape Carteret is under a Tropical Storm Warning at this time. Rain and wind impacts from Ian extend far from the center of the storm, and Cape Carteret is expected to begin experiencing moderate rain, wind, and surge impacts later tonight, tomorrow, and into Saturday. The current forecast calls for 4 - 6 inches of rain in our area, with the potential for 1 - 3 feet of storm surge in low lying areas along the water. Please take appropriate precautions to secure loose objects at your home and in your yard. Please also be prepared for potential power outages.

Town staff have been working hard all week long to collect vegetative debris placed at the curbside, and will continue these efforts as long as it's safe to do so. All collection has been completed in neighborhoods north of NC 24, and efforts will focus on neighborhoods south of NC 24 today and tomorrow. Town staff have also been working hard this week (and prior) to inspect all storm water ditches and pipes to remove any obstructions and ensure that these features can function as well as possible during the significant rain expected from Ian.

The Town's public boat ramp at Manatee Street is open, and may continue to be used by all annual pass holders. Cape Carteret residents who do not have an annual pass but need to remove their boat from a lift prior to the storm may secure a special one-time emergency use pass for the boat ramp. Please visit Town Hall to secure the special pass.

The Town's solid waste contractor, GFL, will continue to provide services in Cape Carteret according to the normal schedule.

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Town Transitioning to

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Technical issues with the Town's current Facebook page - "Town of Cape Carteret" - have compromised the Town's ability to efficiently post new information, and as a result the Town has created and is transitioning to a new page - "Town of Cape Carteret NC". Please note the "NC" on the end, and make sure you like the correct page! Or, simply click HERE  to access the new page.

The Town also maintains a presence on Instagram - "townofcapecarteret" - and on Twitter - @TownofCapeC - so please follow us on these platforms also! 

John Eschbach Named Interim Police Chief

With the retirement of Police Chief Bill McKinney, Sergeant John Eschbach has been named Interim Police Chief effective September 30. Interim Chief Eschbach has been working closely with Chief McKinney over the past several weeks to ensure a smooth transition, and is committed to ensuring responsive, helpful, and high quality law enforcement services to the people of Cape Carteret.

Interim Chief Eschbach will serve in this role until a new Police Chief is selected later this fall. The Town is currently recruiting the next Police Chief, and applications are due by September 30 (tomorrow!). The full advertisement is available on the Town's website by clicking HERE.

Boat Ramp Fines Increased

The Town of Cape Carteret offers convenient boat launching at the Manatee Street public ramp, and an annual pass is required to use the ramp.  Annual passes go on sale each June, while supplies last.  Annual pass fees range from $225 - $750, depending on the residency of the pass holder.  

The Cape Carteret Police Department conducts routine patrols of the public boat ramp, and issues citations for unauthorized use of the ramp (without a pass). In an effort to further deter unauthorized use, the Town recently increased the fine for unauthorized use to $1,000. If you have not purchased an annual boat ramp pass, please use an alternative public launch facility in Cedar Point, Emerald Isle, or Morehead City.  

Town To Acquire Storm Water Easement Across Golf Course, Planning Improvements for Sutton Drive Area 

The Town continues to work to address storm water flooding issues in many areas in the Town, and the Board recently approved an important step toward a solution for the Sutton Drive area.

At its September 12 meeeting, the Board authorized the acquisition of a dedicated storm water easement across Star Hill Golf Course between Sutton Drive and Star Hill Drive, and this easement will be used to replace and/or enhance an existing storm water pipe serving this area.  The existing pipe is undersized and deteriorating, and the Town is currently working with engineers to determine the best design to improve storm water flow away from this area.  Town staff hope to present a construction contract recommendation to the Board for consideration later this calendar year or in early 2023. 

Property Tax Bills Delayed, Expected To Be Mailed in Coming Days 

The Town contracts with Carteret County for property tax billing and collection, and this arrangement results in a more efficient process for all concerned. Carteret County recently implmented new tax software, and has experienced delays in mailing the 2022 property tax bills. County staff have been working diligently to resolve these issues, and expect to mail tax bills out in the coming days.

2022 property tax bills are technically due upon receipt, however, penalties for late payment do not begin until January 6, 2023. If you have any questions or concerns about your tax bill, please contact the Carteret County at 252-728-8485 or via email at  

Board to Consider Final Adoption of New Comprehensive Plan

The Town undertook a thoughtful and inclusive process during 2021 and early 2022 to develop a new Comprehensive Plan for Cape Carteret, and the Board of Commissioners preliminarily approved the new plan in March 2022. As required by State law, the plan has been reviewed by various Federal and State agencies, including the NC Division of Coastal Management, and will now be presented to the Board of Commissioners for final approval on October 10. 

The plan was developed with significant community input, with oversight by Town staff, a special steering committee, the Planning Board, and the Board of Commissioners. The plan outlines the Town's vision, goals, and objectives for the next 20 years, and will guide future Town initiatives and development decisions. An updated version of the plan is available for review HERE .

The most significant goals and objectives outlined in the plan include the following: 


  • Enhance existing public water access and parks, develop new parks, and make it easier for residents to travel to parks via alternative transportation (walking, bicycling, golf carts). 


  • Promote responsible development in the future that is compatible with existing development, considers environmental concerns and natural hazards, promotes the Town Center concept, and promotes high aesthetic quality in the Town. 


  • Ensure adequate and effective wastewater treatment, including efforts to promote the continued function of private septic systems and a significant private wastewater treatment plant, along with potential Town efforts to expand wastewater treatment capacity to accommodate desired new development. 


  • Improve storm water management in the Town via investment in improved storm water infrastructure and promoting on-site infiltration of storm water, ideally including nature-based strategies designed to preserve and enhance water quality in surrounding creeks and Bogue Sound. 


  • Complete the multi-use path along the remaining segments on NC 58 and Taylor Notion Road, and other efforts to promote safe bicycle and pedestrian crossings along NC 58, NC 24, and Taylor Notion Road. 


  • Pursue traffic improvements at the intersection of Taylor Notion Road and NC 58. 


  • Increase housing options in the Town, particularly for seniors and young people, in a manner that preserves the integrity of single-family residential areas in the Town. 


  • Develop a new zoning district to promote mixed-use development, including quality multi-family residential development in the “triangle” area bounded by NC 58, NC 24, and Taylor Notion Road. 


  • Implement the “Town Center” concept in the “triangle” area to create a special sense of place in Cape Carteret. 


  • Continually enhance the services and amenities provided by the Town government.

Town staff, the Planning Board, and the Board of Commissioners are all committed to promoting an excellent quality of life and econommic success for our residents, property owners, businesses, and visitors, and will be working hard to continually improve the Town in the future!

Board to Consider Townhome Ordinance Amendment

In response to both a desire for alternative housing options in Cape Carteret in the future, and two special use permit requests submitted earlier this year, Town staff and the Planning Board have been carefuly reviewing the Town's development ordinances to identify a strategy to allow for limited development of new townhomes in Cape Carteret in a manner than does not impact existing single family residential neighborhoods. After several months of discussion, with careful consideration of public input received, the Planning Board is recommending amendments to the Town's R-10M zoning district that are intended to move this issue forward in a responsible manner.   

The Town's current development ordinances do not allow the development of townhomes on any existing parcels in the town limits, and the proposed amendment, if approved, will allow for limited townhome development on only a handful of parcels in the future. The proposed amendment allows townhomes only, not to exceed 5.5 units per acre, with required landscape buffers, individual parking space requirements, and more to ensure that these developments do not negatively impact nearby properties.  Townhomes are currently permitted on a large parcel  just outside the Town limits (but in the Town's zoning jurisdiction) located northeast of the Taylor Notion Road / NC 24 intersection, and the proposed amendment would also allow townhomes on an existing parcel at the terminus of Live Oak Drive. The Planning Board also preliminarily identified two additional parcels - one on NC 58 and another on Taylor Notion Road, that may be suitable for rezoning to R-10M in the future. The owners of these parcels would need to request, and the Board of Commissioners would need to approve, the rezoning of these parcels in order for the proposed ordinance amendment to apply. 

The Board of Commissioners will consider the proposed ordinance amendment at its October 10 meeting. Please contact Town Manager Frank Rush at 252-393-8483 or  with any questions or concerns about this issue. 

Contractor Selected to Improve Bicycle Path Segment, Work to Begin Soon

The Town has retained Thomas Simpson Construction, Beaufort, NC, to complete necessary improvements to the Town's new bicycle path segment located on Taylor Notion Road between the Western Carteret Library and Ardan Oaks.  Work to improve the structural integrity, aesthetic quality, ride quality, and drainage is expected to occur in early or mid-October. 

Town Welcomes Girl Scouts to Cape Carteret

The Town is pleased to welcome the Girl Souts - North Carolina Coastal Pines organization to Cape Carteret!  Girls Scouts staff will occupy the Town-owned building on NC 24 adjacent to the Police Department beginning in early October, and will be working to enhance the programs and services offered to young people in our area and other parts of eastern NC.  The Girl Scouts have executed a one-year lease with the Town, with an additional two-year extension anticipated.   

Town Seeking Building Inspector / Zoning Administrator / Code Enforcement Officer

The Town is working to improve customer service, and make it easy and efficient for residents, property owners, design professionals, and contractors to secure necessary approvals for construction activities. The Town values quality new development, and seeks to offer helpful assistance to everyone interested in improving our town.

To aid in achieving this goal, the Town will soon be recruiting for a qualified individual who can provide building inspection, zoning administration, code enforcement, and other development-related services in Cape Carteret on a full-time basis. If you are interested in this opportunity, are committed to excellent customer service, or know someone who is, please contact Town Manager Frank Rush at 252-393-8483 or via email at .

Fall Festival - Saturday, November 5

The Cape Carteret Fall Festival will be held on Saturday, November 5 from 1 pm - 6 pm at Town Hall and the Community Park on Dolphin Street. 

The festival will feature musical entertainment (Hank Barbee and Justin Castellano), arts and crafts vendors, food trucks, a hayride, axe throwing, a BMX exhibition, and more! Come on out and enjoy the fun!

Did You Know?

The total taxable value of the Town of Cape Carteret is approximately $447 million.  This equates to an average property value of approximately $280,000 per parcel.