February 2016 Newsletter
Enough is Enough, Shut Pilgim NOW!
AGAIN A Roll of the Dice 
     Early last Saturday evening as we prepared to hunker down for the approaching winter storm, Dennis resident and Cape Downwinder Susan Carpenter become increasingly concerned.  The TV news reports downgraded the weather from a severe winter storm to a blizzard. Mars, as the storm was named, was going to pound the east coast of Massachusetts, particularly the South Shore. Susan contacted NRC public relations staffer Neil Sheehan and asked if Entergy would be closing Pilgrim or would the NRC demand so given the storm dimensions.  Mr. Sheehan, unaware of the oncoming blizzard, reassured Susan that all was safe. Four hours later, Susan received an email from the Mr. Sheehan reporting that the reactor was being shut down in anticipation of the storm.  
    A shutdown during a storm accentuates the fact that Entergy cannot guarantee successful mitigation of problems.  It is not only a weather event that may initiate a scram.  Last February after the preemptive shutdown before the Valentine Day storm, Entergy had problems during restart.   Pilgrim was shutdown and closed for repairs once again. After last year's refueling, Entergy had equipment problems with the restart and Pilgrim was offline for almost another week.  Entergy's history has shown that problems and complications occur with restart and are a cause for serious safety concerns. 
      Must we rely on citizen activists like Susan to alert the NRC officials? Stop gambling with a degraded and dangerous nuclear reactor.  What she and concerned citizens across the Commonwealth rightly demand of the NRC, as a precautionary preemptive action, is to close Pilgrim NOW. 

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
     An Entergy security officer at Pilgrim falsified 200 records for two years while on fire watch to compensate for 'inoperable fire suppression", a clear example of NRC seriously flawed oversight.  The NRC is considering Entergy's action of firing the employee a resolution.   As a corporation with a long history of ineptitude and dishonesty, Entergy must be held accountable and render the $28 million fine.
     Three of the worst operating nuclear reactors are owned and operated by Entergy-Pilgrim, Arkansas I and II.   Entergy's Indian Point, 35 miles north of NYC, is under heavy attack by Governor Cuomo who calls for closing IP due to the serious public safety threat.  Vermont fought Entergy over the dangers at Vermont Yankee.  For years, Governor Shumlin called for the closing of VY.  Entergy officials lied under oath, denying the existence of underground pipes there that were leaking tritium, strontium 90 and cobalt 60. Incredulously, last December, an employee at Entergy's Waterford 3 reactor in LA falsified fire safety records for 10 months before he was caught.   There are documented violations upon violations.  With the NRC captured by the industry, where is the accountability? 
     When Entergy states they "commit and adhere to trust, honesty and integrity', we don't believe it.  Make them pay.  Then shut Pilgrim down.

Legislation needs to be voted favorably out of committees:
With decommissioning looming in our future and March as the unofficial timeline for legislation to move forward out of committee, the passage of these important bills needs our continued support.  Make a call and forward to friends across the state.  If the Committee decides to 'study' the bill, it is basically dead.  Hearings have been held and testimony taken. The CDW and MA Downwinders lobbying teams spent months meeting with staff and presenting documents and supports for the bills. So let's get the calls going and push these bills for a floor vote.  Make a call to the Senate and House chairs of each committee.  If you have contacts in member districts, encourage them to also call.  Contact your local representative to also push for the bills.

Senator Wolf's bills are very important to the economic health of the Commonwealth.  Entergy must be held accountable for decommissioning funds and moving spent fuel into dry casks. S. 1798 will set up an account for Entergy to build the underfunded Decommissioning Trust Fund.  S. 1797 would put a fee on spent fuel assemblies in the wet pool.

Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy Committee:  
S. 1797 (fee on spent fuel in the pool) 
S. 1798 ($25 million/yr decommissioning escrow account) 
ACTION:   Request the Committee release the bills with a favorable recommendation to the Senate for further action.  
Senate Chair Ben Downing, (Pittsfield) 617-722- 1625  Benjamin.Downing@masenate.gov
House Chair Thomas Golden, (Lowell) 617-722-2263   Thomas.Golden@mahouse.gov

Representative Peake's bills involve increased funding to DP for radiation monitoring which will fund the DPH to monitor and expanding the Plume Exposure Emergency Planning Zone. 
A CTION:  Request the Committee release the bills with a favorable recommendation for further action.  Public safety should be a priority.  Even when Pilgrim closes by 2019, the spent fuel pool will continue to pose a serious threat to public health and safety and radiation monitoring a necessity. 

Joint Committee on Public Health
H. 2030-The Department of Public Health needs funding for radiation monitoring.
H. 2031-Expanding the Plume Exposure EPZ to 50 miles
Senate Chair Jason Lewis (Winchester)  617-722-1206  jason.lewis@masenate.gov
House Chair Kate Hogan (Stow) 617-722-2130  kate.hogan@mahouse.gov

Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security
H. 2167 -Includes Barnstable and Essex Counties in the Plume Exposure EPZ with a call to close Pilgrim if plans are not effective.
Senate Chair James Timilty (Walpole) 617-722-1222 james.timilty@masenate.gov
House Chair Harold Norton (Clinton) 617-722-2030  harold.norton@mahouse.gov

For testimony and additional information on the bills, go to www.capedownwinders.info
H. 2167                           Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security

Join a lobby/legislative team, contact Diane at tturco@comcast.net or  Susan at scarpenter1103@gmail.com 
For more information on the bills/testimony, go to www.capedownwinders.info 
NRC extends deadline for public comments on decommissioning rules to March 18
The NRC is extending the public comment period on decommissioning rulemaking from the original date of January 4 to March 18. Plan to submit comments.
The NRC proposal for rule changes for decommissioning is a vehicle for the industry to meet minimal standards and continue to evade serious public health and safety concerns. The current NRC practice to exempt the industry from responsibility of all offsite emergency planning and deny the documented dangers from the spent fuel pools is both irresponsible and immoral.

Citizens Awareness Network Comments to NRC
NRC's attempt to streamline the decommissioning process instituted in the advent of the Yankee Rowe decommissioning and Appellate Court Decision in CAN v NRC is illegal and in violation of the court's finding that the agency acted illegally in permitting Yankee Atomic to violate NRC's own regulations. 
Join us on Facebook as we share actions against Entergy with our friends in Vermont , Connecticut, New York and California!
Sign the Petition: Shut Pilgrim NOW
S end a message to Governor Baker, Senator Markey, Senator Warren, Representative Keating, and AG Maura Healy to call for the immediate closing of Pilgrim.  Please sign and forward to others.
 Pilgrim Watch Decommissioning Program

PW Mary Lampert's slide presentation on decommissioning is very informative and a must view.  
Jones River Watershed Association
Flooding and Coastal Hazards . On Jan. 18, Jones River Watershed Association submitted the report, Analysis of AREVA Flood Hazard Re-Evaluation Report for Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, as well as a letter outlining its major findings and continuing concerns regarding Pilgrim's vulnerability to coastal hazards to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Learn more here>>>

Entergy seeks to evade local zoning, tells court it will seek DPU exemption . Seven Plymouth residents are plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Entergy and the Town of Plymouth over Entergy's nuclear waste storage at Pilgrim. The lawsuit seeks to enforce local zoning by requiring Entergy to get the proper local permits. If the court rules in favor of the plaintiffs, Entergy will have to go back to the town and follow the special permit process. This will require a public hearing and the chance for the Town to impose conditions on how Entergy stores nuclear waste. In Land Court on Jan. 12, 2016, the court set a trial date in Aug. 2016, but Entergy announced that it will try to stop the trial by asking the state's Department of Public Utilities (DPU) to exempt Pilgrim from local zoning. 

Decision expected Feb. 3 on legal appeal of Chapter 91 waterways license for Entergy's "Fukushima Fix ." In 2012, the NRC ordered Entergy to install certain design upgrades at Pilgrim because it is not equipped to handle natural phenomena, such as earthquakes. One of Entergy's brilliant "Fukushima Fix" proposals is to install a flexible hose in Cape Cod Bay (read more about the "Recipe for Disaster"). Entergy's fix requires a state Chapter 91 Waterways License.  Following a public hearing Nov. 2014, local residents appealed the state's decision to grant the license.  An administrative hearing was held at the state offices in Sept. 2015.  Both sides presented testimony on whether Pilgrim should be allowed to get the license. The administrative law judge plans to issue his decision on Feb. 3.  Both sides will have the chance to appeal the decision to court.  Learn more here>>>    
2.12 UPDATE from Meg Sheehan:  
For those of you who were following this - Entergy made an announcement Jan 12 that was going to seek a DPU exemption from Plymouth zoning and try to stop the zoning permit lawsuit - here's an update - they changed their mind.  So, the trial is on for Aug. 2016 in Land Court.
We've learned over the years that the best way to make a decision on something is to not listen to industry pundits. Instead, ask the people. Here's what people who have lived through the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster have had to say. Take time to watch this academy award winner.  
The Fukushima Disaster and Nuclear Power in Japan: 'If You Love Your Country, Let Nuclear Go!'
"Nuclear power is a uniquely hazardous technology that can destroy entire nations, Japan's prime minister Naoto Kan at the time of the Fukushima nuclear disaster has warned British MPs. The lessons of from such catastrophes must be heeded in other countries that believe that nuclear fission can be harnessed safely, writes Linda Pentz Gunter - or they, and the world, will reap the whirlwind."
From Fairewinds Energy Education:
Arnie Gundersen goes to Japan
"Fairewinds' Chief Engineer Arnie Gundersen is hitting the road yet again for his third speaking tour of Japan! It will be five years in March since the triple meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi began and the Japanese public continues to search for the truth about nuclear risk and honest answers to their energy future as they face their current government's push to restart Japan's atomic reactors. By invitation from various organizations and public interest groups, Arnie will be presenting to communities throughout Japan including those who live in the shadow of atomic reactors, plutonium reprocessing plants, and proposed atomic waste dumps. Join the Fairewinds Crew as we explore some of the key issues that will be discussed during the tour."

CDW Rad Monitoring Report
Looking at our Pilgrim Radiation Network for the month of January we can see several days of consistent higher than normal readings at all three monitoring stations.
     On Jan 2nd, we see elevated readings at all three stations of 25 in Chatham - 25 in Truro and 26 in Ptown.
     On Jan. 6th we saw higher readings of 24 in Chatham and 25 in Truro.
on Jan. 7th we saw higher readings of 24 in Chatham and 23 in Ptown.

The highest readings at each monitoring station was --- 
Pilgrim 1    Chatham   29   Jan 1
Pilgrim 3        Ptown   27   Jan 27
Pilgrim 5        Truro     25   Jan 2
We are interested in setting up two more monitoring stations on the upper Cape and Plymouth area. You need a PC running full time.
Contact Jodi at kyak_capecod@yahoo.com for more info.
To view map, go here and scroll to 'detail maps' at the bottom.   
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2.27 CDW Annual Meeting, Harwich 
2.28 'Pilgrim: A Threat To Us All' 
        MAPA/Boston Downwinders presentation
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March Dates
3.9 CDW meeting Hyannis Public Library 5:00
3.11 Fukushima at 5 events TBA
3.23 Decommissioning Forum/Plymouth Library
         7:00/Pilgrim Coalition

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