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Enough is Enough, Shut Pilgrim NOW!

7:00 PM Wednesday, APRIL 13, Plymouth
NRC Pilgrim inspection reports under 'Communications' highlight violations...   read here>>>

Cape Downwinders will have small signs, 'One Step From MELTDOWN/Close Pilgrim NOW!', to hold up at intervals at the meeting.  Arlene made Pilgrim Coalition sticker badges with decommissioning messages such as "Dry Casks NOW!", "Empty The Pool", "Keep EPZ? YES!" for folks to wear.  Doors open at 6:00 to sign up to speak.

Cape Cod Times: PILGRIM WATCHDOGS TARGET NRC  by Christine Legere
front page news     read here>>>
NRC Phase 'A' inspection report 2.29.16  read here>>>
Welcome to Pilgrim
With 'No Trespassing' signs merely a suggestion, the driveways at Pilgrim are still an open invitation to anyone.  This photo was taken by a Plymouth activist the day after news reports of possible targeting of the nuclear reactor in Brussels.  
Nuclear Power Plants:  Pre-Deployed WMD by Karl Grossman
Pre-deployed weapons of mass destruction.
That's what nuclear power plants are. And that's another very big reason-demonstrated again in recent days with the disclosure that two of the Brussels terrorists were planning attacks on Belgian nuclear plants-why they must be eliminated.
Nuclear power plants are sitting ducks for terrorists. With most positioned along bays and rivers because of their need for massive amounts of coolant water, they provide a clear shot. They are fully exposed for aerial strikes.
The consequences of such an attack could far outweigh the impacts of 9/11 and, according to the U.S. 9/11 Commission, also originally considered in that attack was the use of hijacked planes to attack "unidentified nuclear power plants." The Indian Point nuclear plants 26 miles north of New York City were believed to be candidates.

CounterPunch:   From Fukushima to Brussels:   Why Nuclear Power Isn't Worth the Risks    by Emily Schwartz Grego
The ISIS supporters who attacked Brussels killed more than 30 people and injured hundreds more. Bombings at the city's airport and a subway station blew up the notion that measures taken after the Paris siege were keeping Europe safe.
The scariest part of this story is something that hasn't happened yet and hopefully never will: an act of nuclear terrorism.

UPDATE from Pilgrim Watch/Mary Lampert: 
The attached document asks that the Attorney General's Office take actions to reduce the vulnerability of Pilgrim's spent fuel-pool and casks - and provides the rationale for the requests.
Movement forward for H. 2167, H. 2031, S. 1798

H. 2167   directs MEMA to review Plume Exposure Emergency Planning for  Barnstable and Essex Counties.  It was voted out favorably by the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security and is now in the House Ways and Means. Please send comments in support of this important bill particularly to Chair Rep. Brian Demsey. For list of committee members and contact info, go here:

H. 2030  for additional radiation monitoring was put into 'study' by the Joint Committee on Public Health. Pre-emption was a tag.

H. 2031 expands the Plume Exposure EPZ to 50 miles.  It is still in the Joint Committee on Public Health in 'extension' which means it's not dead yet!  Please contact the Chairs and request a favorable vote out of committee.

S. 1797  is the bill with a fee on spent fuel.  It was put into 'study' by the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy.  Pre-emption was a tag.

S. 1798 sets up a $25 million escrow decommissioning account paid by Entergy.  It was voted favorably out of the TUE Committee. Now the bill is with the clerk for reassignment, most likely to Ways and Means but no assignment to date.  Updates to follow.

For Cape Downwinders and Pilgrim Watch testimony and additional information on the bills, go to
April Lobby Days in Boston TBA. 
Join a lobby/legislative team with folks from across the state.  Contact Diane at or  Susan at for information.
Cape Downwnders comments for NRC decommissioning rulemaking 3.18.16

These comments reflect our serious concerns that the NRC is planning to codify exemptions for the nuclear industry that do not reflect the best interest for the public. Senator Ed Markey and the Massachusetts congressional delegation share our concerns.  Most of the issues regarding public safety and security being addressed have already been brought to the attention of the NRC through the public petition 2.206 process. These petitions have been summarily dismissed, a dismal record of the NRC ignoring public and elected officialsʼ concerns. It is our intent to continue to provide public input and pressure on these serious matters which impact our daily lives..........

NRC website for comments and information,  click here>>>
Though winter storms have passed, loss of offsite power, equipment failures, human error, and weather events are still within the realm of possibilities:
Join us on Facebook as we share actions against Entergy with our friends in Vermont , Connecticut, New York and California!
Sign the Petition: Shut Pilgrim NOW
S end a message to Governor Baker, Senator Markey, Senator Warren, Representative Keating, and AG Maura Healy to call for the immediate closing of Pilgrim.  Please sign and forward to others.
Cape Downwinders deliver letter to Governor Baker 

To The Honorable Charles Baker, 

This past week, a bold action on the part of Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff has raised the alarm at Entergyʼs troubled Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth. Seven NRC engineers documented a serious design flaw in nuclear reactors in the United States. Entergyʼs troubled Pilgrim reactor is on that danger list. The electrical problems identified by the staff in 2012 could result in damage to the cooling safety systems and cause a core meltdown. Their professional recommendation was to immediately fix the design flaw or shut down the impacted nuclear reactors. But the NRC failed to implement the recommendations, essentially blocking mitigation of a serious safety flaw.  
 Pilgrim Coalition Decommissioning Forum 3.23

The PACTV video of the program is still being processed before distribution. CDW will send to cable TV networks on the Cape and Islands and across MA as soon as the program is available.  Updates to follow.

In the meantime, here is another decommissioning presentation by Hudson River Sloop Clearwater and NRDC:
Tim Judson, NIRS  Overview of Can/NIRS Comments
Matthew McKinsie from Natural Resources Defense Council:   

Patriot Ledger coverage of the PC Forum:  read here>>>
(The excellent Pilgrim Watch decommissioning slide program was published in the February CDW newsletter.)
Senator Wolf addresses NRC

On Tuesday, March 15, 2016 Sen. Dan Wolf participated in a public NRC  meeting on Decommissioning Rulemaking at the NRC Headquarters in Rockville, Maryland.   Thank you to Senator Wolf for his ongoing efforts on our behalf.  John Carlton-Foss taped the program to share. 
Jones River Watershed Association

April 29, 2016 is the twenty year anniversary of the expiration of Pilgrim's Clean Water Act "NPDES" permit - one of the longest expired NPDES permits in the nation. To learn more about Pilgrim's expired permit..... 

CDW Rad Monitoring Report
We are interested in setting up one more monitoring station on the upper Cape and Plymouth area. You need a PC running full time.
Contact Jodi at for more info.
To view map, go here and scroll to 'detail maps' at the bottom.   
 Sarah Thacher Honored With Olive Branch Award
FOR Annual Luncheon Meeting Monday, May 23 noon at the Yarmouth Inn on Rte 6A, Yarmouthport.  Sr. Helen Prejean will be the guest speaker. Reservations contact Bob Winter at  $30 pp.
The Olive Branch Award to presented to someone on Cape Cod who has been active in peace and justice.  This year's award will be presented to Sarah Thacher, an award long overdue. Those who know Sarah are aware of what she has done as a member of CCFOR, of WAND, CCPJ, Cape Downwinders, and as a human being.  read more here>>>
June 23 First Church, 11 Garden Street 7:00 PM
Massachusetts Peace Action is excited to announce that the honorable   Dr. Helen Caldicott will be speaking in our Distinguished Peacebuilders Series! Come hear her talk, Courting Armageddon, which will be cosponsored also by  Boston Downwinders Cape Downwinders , and Massachusetts Downwinders.  

Helen Caldicott has devoted the last 42 years to an international campaign to educate the public about the medical hazards of the nuclear age and the necessary changes in human behavior to stop environmental destruction. Her most recent book is "Crisis Without End: The Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe. "
Barnstable Patriot: Deconstructing Pilgrim
NRC Design Flaw Only Protects the Nuclear Industry
Earlier this month, a bold action on the part of Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff once again raised the alarm at Entergy's troubled Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station. Seven NRC engineers documented a dangerous design flaw in nuclear reactors across the United States. Pilgrim is on that list.
April  Events and beyond 

4.13 NRC annual public meeting 
         (No CDW meeting)
4.27 CDW General Meeting Hyannis Library 5:00
April Lobby Days in Boston TBA

5.1 East Meets West, Worcester
5.11 CDW Steering Committee  Meeting
5.23 Yarmouth Inn, noon:  FOR honors Sarah Thacher
5.25 CDW General Meeting, Hyannis Library 5:00
5.30  Memorial Day Rally at the Sagamore Bridge
6.23 Dr. Helen Caldicott to speak in Cambridge/MAPA
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