Vicki McBride is Cape May MAC's Staff Accountant. She began at the organization in 2012 working in Hill House as an Office Assistant, running reports, ordering supplies, answering phones and helping customers with questions about things to do in Cape May. In April 2014, she was hired as the organization's Staff Accountant and began work in the Business Office.

Vicki has lived in the Cape May region since grammar school and is a 1988 graduate of Lower Cape May Regional High School. She attended culinary school at Atlantic Cape Community College. She spent a good part of her early career working in Cape May restaurants.

"I held jobs in Cape May at Zoe's, the Gold Whale and The Shire, just to name a few. I
love working in Cape May. I love the feeling of community everyone has -- the way we all smile at each other and say good morning, afternoon or evening without even knowing each other. I used to wake up in the morning (in my younger years), get ready for work, get into town, work the breakfast shift, go to the beach, shower at a friend's, work the dinner shift, shower and go out for the night. Cape May is the best place in the world to grow up."

In 2011, after a number of years managing restaurants in North Jersey, she moved back to Cape May. That is when she began dating her husband, local Realtor Jim McBride. They married in 2015.

She has a fondness for Cape May that runs deep.

"My mother would bring us to just about every community event at the Physick Estate grounds when my sister and I were young," she said. "I have many fond memories of the Estate."

Since COVID-19, Vicki has been working more frequently from home, which her dog, Otis, loves, she said. Otis, shown here at the Kiwanis Pet Parade, is one of Cape May MAC's unofficial mascots.