Ayeshah Dickerson of Wildwood Crest has two distinct roles at Cape May MAC: Manager of Volunteer Engagement, and Benefit House Tour Manager. She oversees Cape May MAC's volunteer program, managing its people and the organization's needs, while also managing benefit house tours, which include Designer House Tours, Candlelight House Tours, and more.

She says the two roles complement each other beautifully.

" It actually works well because by engaging with the volunteers I get to know their interests and strengths and can easily assign the volunteer to (benefit house tour) properties that may be more enjoyable for them."

A people person through and through, Dickerson has grown into her positions quickly. She has a background in corporate management and has sought training and mentors for her roles.

"It starts with enjoying people and their life stories," she said. "I also took my people management background and incorporated that with what I’ve learned from mentors who are managing volunteers at large scale non-profit and for-profit organizations. It has also been great being a member of DVA and DAVA (Volunteer Administrators Associations), as it has opened up opportunities to attend webinars and in-person trainings on the subject of managing volunteers ."

She is coming up on seven years in Cape May this November.

"Cape May took my breath away nearly seven years ago. I left a very hectic life in Southern California and was warmly welcomed into this town, where I have been able to transition from a corporate life into museums, arts and culture. It's a place where I've met so many wonderful people and had some really cool and much-needed life experiences."