Newsletter - April 14, 2020
Staff at Cape May MAC continue working behind the scenes, from home, as we rework our schedule of 2020 tours, activities and events in anticipation of the end of our shared isolation and reopening to visitors.
Cape May MAC tours and events schedule for 2020 taking shape
As we continue to make progress on rescheduling our tours, activities and events for 2020, as always you are in our thoughts. It is because of you that our staff is working hard to find new dates for upcoming events. We will share updates soon as we begin to publicize our schedule changes.

With that in mind, since our Cape May MAC schedule is not yet final, we want to continue this weekly update that brings Cape May MAC right where YOU live! We share some behind-the-scenes snapshots and stories that will give you something to share with family and friends at home and keep Cape May MAC in your hearts! Take a moment to explore our new website now, and begin to dream again about your next visit to Cape May, which we hope will happen soon!

If you have not taken our two vir tual tours yet, please do!

Trolley Tours of Historic Cape May
Cape May’s ubiquitous red trolleys and the men and women who drive them
CAPE MAY - Cape May has been called a museum without walls. If you've visited Cape May, you’ve likely seen one of Cape May MAC’s (Museums+Arts+Culture) fleet of red trolleys moving along the streets of the Historic District, slowly for sure, with loads of visitors looking out the open air windows and smiling. These are the organization’s workhorses for touring and storytelling. Driving a trolley through a crowded summer resort takes nerves of steel. Read our latest blog post and hear from some of the men and women who absolutely love doing it. ...
Jody Alessandrine
Cape May MAC Director & CEO Leads Organization Forward During Challenging Times
Jody Alessandrine of Town Bank is Cape May MAC's Director & CEO. He took over the position full-time in February, just as the COVID-19 virus began to take hold across the nation. "Timing is Everything" and that's certainly true here.

“While the 2008 Financial Crisis pales in severity compared to the current pandemic -- now, it's physical lives, not solely financial capabilities being lost -- the experience did prepare me in a sense,” Alessandrine said.

His extensive experience in the non-profit and for-profit worlds, as well as in local government, have served the organization well during this time of crisis and uncertainty.

Ironically, it was just before the economy went into recession in 2008 that he assumed the role of Executive Director of the Downtown State College Improvement District.

“We made it through that storm in a better situation financially," he said. "It’s with that attitude that our entire Cape May MAC staff is approaching this historic challenge. But we cannot do it alone. Now, more than ever, those who have appreciated all that MAC has provided culturally to the Cape region, for any period of our 50-year history, are desperately needed to show how much the organization has enriched their lives, so that we can continue to do so for them, and for future generations of their families." (Please see "How You Can Help Now," below).
Cape May MAC Board of Trustees Meets Virtually April 9
Cape May MAC's Board of Trustees met virtually with Director Alessandrine and CFO Charles Kealy for a regularly scheduled board meeting April 9. Shown here, top row from left, Alessandrine, Wendy Collins, Lee Bellarmino; Second row from left, Tom Carroll, Rev. Jeanette Block, Rev. Jeff Elliott; third row from left, Steve Steger, Brian Groetsch, Mary McKenney; Fourth row, from left, Suzie Zingman-Leith, Ioanna Iloipulos.Board members not shown but in attendance: Doug McMain, Bernie Haas, Diane Hutchinson, Vicki Watson and Chris Clemans.
We need you now more than ever. Every donation, membership, ticket purchase for future use, helps sustain us during this crisis. Purchasing a membership, for example, helps us now while helping you later by granting you free admission to many of our tours and events. Please consider supporting Cape May MAC (Museums+Arts+Culture) today by clicking on the buttons below.
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Interested in volunteering for Cape May MAC? There are great opportunities and benefits. Find out more! Contact  Ayeshah Dickerson , Manager of Volunteer Engagement.
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