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October 2021
Feedback in an integral part of teaching, learning, and professional development. How do we get feedback on our teaching? In this newsletter we highlight some ideas for gathering feedback to improve your teaching practice. We, in the CTE, also rely on your feedback to inform what and how we support you. In the coming week, faculty will receive a survey asking about your teaching, learning, and technology needs. We will share the results in our next CTE newsletter.   

Laura MacKay
Director, Centre for Teaching Excellence 
Formative Feedback: Listening to Our Classrooms 

What are you doing in the classroom this term that’s working? What might you be doing that isn’t really creating those meaningful learning experiences you intended? Formative feedback is a chance for us as instructors to listen to what our classrooms have to say to us. Read more
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Welcome to Bhuvinder

Please welcome Bhuvinder Vaid, Educational Developer. Bhuvinder is completing his PhD in Philosophy of Education at SFU with a focus on safe spaces in higher education. He has experience helping faculty with curriculum alignment, equity, diversity and inclusive classroom practices and is looking forward to supporting faculty wanting to re-think their current practices with an eye on growing as a teacher.  Bhuvinder is joining us for the year while Brit Paris in on parental leave.

Read Bhuvinder's bio, or book him or another Educational Developer for a one-on-one consultation.  
This Fall: SPARK your Teaching & Learning Conversations 

Need to add a spark to your department or faculty meeting? Contact CTE to book a Sparkshop. Sparkshops are on demand mobile mini-workshops (15 or 30 min), facilitated by CTE. The intention of the Sparkshops is to stimulate exploration and departmental conversations around teaching and learning. Examples of current Sparkshops: 
  • Using Formative Assessments to Gauge Student Learning 
  • Rubrics in a Flash 
  • Writing Learning Outcomes – Blooms and Beyond  
  • Time-saving Tech 
  • Managing your Gradebook 
  • eLearn Tools for Collaborative Learning  
  • Easy Active Learning Strategies  
  • Powerful Questions for Deeper Thinking and Better Discussions 
Read more and book a Sparkshop.

Inspiration, Collegiality, Reflection & Bravery: 
Join us for Open Classroom Days, November 1-10 

We are excited to offer an opportunity for faculty to connect, reflect and be inspired again this term with 10 days of Open Classrooms. During Open Classroom Days, we invite faculty to visit other classes, to learn from each other and reflect on their own teaching practice. Join us as a visitor to one of the open classes, or perhaps to open up your own classroom too! 

Opening the Doors: The Instructor Perspective with Lydia Watson 

I have to admit, it took some bravery on my part to join Open Classroom Week for the first time last year. I was eager to join other classes so that I could learn new ideas. Read more

What Previous Participants Said 

"So good to be part of a community of instructors wanting to improve" 

"Great to see 2 instructors' rapport and presentation style with their students. Don't know how else I'd get this insight. " 

"Great connections with other faculty. Wonderful, safe opportunities to view other classrooms and be observed by others” 

"I thought it all went well. I received some very helpful feedback that I will likely act on for spring term." 

Edtech RoundUP

Need a quick and easy way to gather feedback from your students or do a pre-assessment activity? Use MS Forms or the Feedback Activity in eLearn to set up a survey inside your course site. Both options allow you to export the anonymous responses into Excel, review and share. 
MS Forms is integrated in Teams or can be accessed from your Office 365 account. In eLearn, you can post the link for students to follow.
What’s New in Teams?

  • Breakout rooms in Teams: Participant assignment pops up in a separate window. Learn more 
  • Pin chat messages to drive awareness  
  • Reply to a specific student message in Chat 

Library Corner – Curated Picks from the CapU Library 
What’s New in Open Education? 

Open Education is making its mark at Capilano. After a successful spring term that included the Open Assignment Sprint event and an Open Textbook audit, we're exploring new ways to partner with faculty to build on Open. Keep an eye on your inbox for information on the forthcoming Open Education Grant, and to complete your submission. For more info contact Alyssa Hamer.

Congratulations and News

Baby News: Our first CTE baby has arrived! Welcome Adelynn Paris and congratulations to Brit and Sean

Congrats to Alyssa Hamer, Open Education Faculty Associate, on the oncoming presentation at the Open Education Conference on student collaboration in open education assignment during the spring assignment sprint at Capilano.  

Hamer, A., and Lovsin. D. (October 2021). Sprinting to Student Empowerment: The Case for a Student-centered Open Assignment Sprint. Open Education Conference.

Congratulations to Blake Rowsell and Lydia Watson, the new co-chairs of the Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee.  Please contact Blake or Lydia if you are interested in joining the committee.    
Upcoming Workshops 
  • Blended delivery Thursday, Oct 14 10:30am – 11:30am
  • Online delivery Thursday Oct 21, 10:30am – 11:30am
  • Blended delivery Wednesday, Oct 20, 1pm – 2:20pm 
  • Online delivery Wednesday, October 20, 1pm2pm
  • Online Delivery, Oct 27 1pm 2:00pm 
  • Blended delivery Thursday, Oct 28, 10:30am – 11:30am
  • Blended delivery Thursday, Oct 28, 1pm – 2:20pm 
  • Blended delivery 10 days Nov 1 10, 2021 
  • Online delivery Thursday Nov 4, 10:30am – 11:30am
  • Blended delivery, Monday, Nov 15, 1pm 2:20pm
  • Blended delivery Wednesday, Nov 17, 1pm – 2:20pm 
  • Blended delivery Thursday, Nov 25, 1pm – 2:20pm 
  • In-person delivery Dec 14 16, 2021 

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