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December 2020

We hope you have a well-deserved and restful holiday.  All the best for the New Year! 
The CTE Team  
Welcome Mary Watt
Educational Technology Specialist

We are pleased to welcome Mary Watt (M.Ed) to the CTE and our Educational Technology team.

Mary is an experienced educational technology strategist, instructional designer, and project manager and with many years' experience developing innovative technology-enhanced projects and learning programs. 

Please reach out to Mary and Frank Fucile, our Educational Technology Specialists, at 
edtech@capilanou.ca with any of your questions about eLearn, video-conferencing, Kaltura or other educational technology.  

Mary and Frank will be offering a series of Lunch and Learns on Teaching with Technology in the Spring. 

Mary Watt, Educational Technology Specialist

Frank Fucile, Educational Technology Specialist
CTE Holiday Hours and Support 
Running a Final Exam in eLearn? 

Check out our guide to Setting up a Final Exam in eLearn. The guide covers timed multiple-choice exams as well as more flexible formats like essays. Test out samples, find guidance on communicating with students, and learn how to add an “academic integrity pledge” to your exam! 

Preparing Your Spring Courses
Asynchronous/Synchronous Teaching and Learning Models
Remote Synchronous, Remote Asynchronous, Remote Asynchronous and Synchronous!? Whichever mode of course delivery, you have chosen for the spring, there a a variety of teaching approaches you can adopt to ensure that students are engaged and successfully meet the course learning outcomes. We have put together a few suggestions for evidence-informed instructional models that may you design your Spring courses. Check out the infographic on different models for the 3-hour synchronous class here. The complete document will be distributed through Deans, Chairs and Coordinators.

Spring Course Syllabus Template

We have created a spring course syllabus template (see right) with sample language for remote and mixed mode courses. Please adopt, adapt, and revise as needed.

eLearn Template
Looking for support in organizing your eLearn course? We have created a basic eLearn template with built in labels for all courses (organized by topic/weeks) for your use. You can view the main page in the image to the right or review the video Using the eLearn Template. Please contact edtech@capilanou.ca if you would like the template implemented in your course.

Open Education: 
Helping Students Succeed Without Breaking the Bank 

Did you know that all first-year courses for CapU STEM students now use open textbooks? 
As faculty members, we want to give students the tools they need to succeed. In many subjects, one of those tools is a textbook. But textbooks are expensive, and many students avoid buying textbooks even when they are required. Read faculty member, Peter Sinclair’s blog post here about how the Math & Stats department have moved towards open textbooks, and contact Peter directly for help identifying resources and strategies for adapting what you need to create the perfect fit for your students. 

CTE Spring Book Club: What would you like to read?

Our CTE Educational Developers are looking forward a new round of the CTE book club starting in January. Which of the following three books would you like to read? And when would be a good time for you to participate in the book club?
Blum, S. D. (ed). (2020). Ungrading: Why rating students undermine learning
Brown, B. (2018). Dare to lead. 
Gannon, K. (2020). Radical Hope: A Teaching Manifesto
Library Corner: Curated Suggestions from the CapU Library

Find some time to curl up with a casual read over the break, with the recent additions to the library collection: 
CTE 2019-2020 Annual Report 

We are pleased to present the CTE annual report showcasing our programming, events, and resources.
We are grateful to the many faculty who have partnered with us throughout the year. 
Upcoming CTE Workshops & Events  

Remote Teaching & Educational Technology 

Convert Your Syllabus to an eLearn Course  Dec 14, 15, 18, 10 - 11:30am

Online Assessment and Exams  Dec 14, 1 - 2:00pm   

Learning MS Teams Series Dec 14, 15 & 16

Enhancing Video for Teaching Dec 10, 10 - 11:30am

Teaching with the New Features in Zoom Jan 12, 2 - 3:00pm 

Intro to Podcasting Feb 2, 2 – 3:00pm 

Teaching & Learning Pedagogy 

Moving Beyond Multiple Choice – Designing Alternative Assessments Dec 7, 2 - 3:00 pm

*See website for detailed schedule. 

Scholarly Teaching    

FLC: Teacher as Researcher Full! New FLC starting in January. Contact Mary for details.  


Other Teaching & Learning Events


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