~ C T E N E W S L E T T E R ~
September 2021

Welcome to the new academic semester and all the changes, challenges, and excitement that it brings. I am reminded that education is fundamentally about relationships, trust, and respect. So much of our learning happens outside of formal environments and I look forward to reuniting with all of you: to engaging in conversations, learning and unlearning with you, and building a vibrant teaching and learning community. If you are on campus, drop by Fir 402 to say hi, ask a question, or share your suggestions. 
Wishing everyone a successful fall semester. 

Laura MacKay
Director, Centre for Teaching Excellence 

CTE Fall Support

We are available Monday through Friday for in-person drop-in support 8:30-4:00pm in Fir 402. Please drop by and connect with us. You can also reach us through our new Live Chat feature on our website. To better support faculty most of our workshops this Fall are offered in a blended format for both in-person and online participation.

Meet the CTE Team

Laura MacKay, Director 

Tae Aoyagi, Departmental Assistant 
Educational Developers
Ed Tech Specialists
Faculty Associates
Barry Magrill, 
Ed Developer Coordinator 
Bettina Boyle
Shawna Duncan
Mary Giovannetti
Brit Paris
on parental leave 
Frank Fucile

Mary Watt
Brian Ganter
Jacqueline Clarke
Teaching & Learning
Alyssa Hamer
Open Education
Sue Dritmanis

Accessibility in MS Teams

Did you know that MS Teams has several features to increase accessibility for your students?

Some of the features include:
  • Immersive reader, live transcriptions and captioning
  • Ability to change language on messages or presentations for increased clarity
  • Ppt live with presenter mode for instructors to insert yourself into slides to reduce cognitive load for students.

Join us at the next Teaching with Technology Thursdays October 14th 10:30-11:30 to learn more.

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy 

Returning to classes at the start of term - whether it is face to face, blended or online - means having a chance to connect with students. How can you make this an opportunity to increase student engagement, and to create meaningful and equitable learning experiences for all of your students? One way may be to consider Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (CRP).  Read more

Dotstorming: Crowdsourcing in the e-Classroom 
Read (and watch) a new BCcampus blog post by Dr. Annie Prud’homme-Généreux, Director of Continuing Studies at Capilano on a new tech tool for crowdsourcing learner ideas.  
Turnitin Update

The rollout continues! Seven departments provided faculty and staff with an introduction to Turnitin (Orientation Session) in August/September, and more than 40 instructors attended an Implementation Workshop to learn about the relevant eLearn settings and how to interpret the Similarity Score and Report. If you are interested in learning about ways for this new tool to help students improve their writing and identify academic integrity violations, sign your department up for an Orientation Session or visit the CTE webpage for instructional videos and resources. 

SDA - Student Digital Ambassadors
Your students can now Chat remotely with an SDA to get help on navigating any of the CapU technology. And, posters with QR codes have been spread throughout the campus so students can get immediate help via their phones by chatting with an SDA while on campus. Or, simply go to sda.capilanou.ca and click the ’Let’s Chat’ button, Monday-Saturday 12:00-6:00pm

Educational Technology RoundUP
We hope that your Fall Semester is off to a great start! Just a reminder if you are looking for one-on-one Educational Technology support, you can book Frank or Mary directly using the Booking Pages linked below. We are available for 30 minute or 60 minute consultations to help you set up your gradebook in eLearn, practice new Zoom features, set up a poll or design a new activity online – to assist wherever technology intersects with your teaching practice. 
Book a consultation on Frank Fucile’s Booking Page 
Book a consultation on Mary Watt’s Booking Page 
Looking for immediate support? Connect with us using the new Live Chat service located here - Centre for Teaching Excellence. Click on the “Let’s Chat” icon, sign in with your CapU Credentials and click the Start Chatting button and one of our CTE Team members will be able to assist you. 

Remember to update your Zoom client regularly. New updates include ‘Focus Mode’, which allows students to see only the host’s video and spotlighted video. Now the zoom host can share their screen with breakout rooms, increasing communication in small group activities.  

Share Files in Breakout Rooms 
Hosts can now share their screen to the Breakout Rooms. Open Breakout Rooms to students, then click Share and choose the New feature – Share to Breakout Rooms. 
Set up Zoom Meetings in Outlook 
Here’s an easy way to add a Zoom meeting from the desktop App. Click the ‘+’ icon and create a new meeting that automatically connects with your Outlook Calendar. Expect to see even more updates from Zoom since the annual Zoomtopia conference was held in September. 

Zoom Meetings in elearn 
Did you know that you can now add Zoom Meetings directly elearn course? Have a look at our Faculty Help file here - Faculty Help: Add a Zoom Meeting to your Course. 
Upcoming Workshops 
  • Blended delivery Wednesday Sep 22, 1pm – 2:20pm
  • Online delivery Thursday Sep 23, 10:30am – 11:30
  • Blended delivery Monday Sep 27, 1pm 2pm
  • Blended delivery Tuesday Sep 28 (kick-off), 1pm – 2:20pm
  • In-person delivery Wednesday Sep 29 1pm - 2pm
  • Online delivery Thursday Oct 7 & 21, 10:30am – 11:30am
  • Blended delivery Thursday, Oct 14 & 28, 10:30am – 11:30am
  • Blended Delivery Tuesdays October 7, 14, 21 and 28th. 9:30am - 11:00am
  • Blended delivery Wednesday, Oct 20, 1pm – 2:20pm 
  • Online delivery Wednesday, October 20, 1pm2pm
  • Blended delivery Thursday, Oct 28, 1pm – 2:20pm 
  • Blended delivery 10 days Nov 1 10, 2021 
  • Blended delivery Wednesday, Nov 17, 1pm – 2:20pm 
  • Blended delivery Thursday, Nov 25, 1pm – 2:20pm 
  • In-person delivery Dec 14 16, 2021 

The Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE) fosters excellence, innovation, and collaboration in teaching and learning by supporting faculty and staff through programming, mentoring, professional development opportunities, and research on effective teaching.