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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Dear O'Hara community,

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Capital Campaign assessment in March. The results of our assessment have been finalized and I want to share them with our community.

As you may be aware, our school recently finalized a master plan for our facility that will allow us to make positive advances into the future. As the largest Catholic school in the Eugene-Springfield area, we recognize the need to focus on the care of our nearly 70-year-old building while also working to maintain and increase our enrollment and continually improve our educational and extra-curricular opportunities for our students.

O'Hara contracted with a third-party development firm, Steier Group, to help us evaluate and analyze our master plan. The results of this study will allow us to make an informed decision regarding the implementation of our master plan. Please take a moment to review the summary of findings and recommendations, including a decision to move forward with a capital campaign to address the critical needs of our school. 

Highlights of the study include:
  • Strong support to proceed as 91% of respondents favor a campaign.
  • Deferred maintenance and building upgrades have widespread support.
  • Strong support for academic related projects such as a dedicated STEM classroom.
  • Viewed as important, support for specific academic enhancements is split as parents are most interested in supporting elements which will benefit their children.

It is our families and extended school community that make O'Hara such a special place, and we value the ideas and input you have regarding our future. Your collective feedback from the completed surveys will guide us as we prepare to launch our campaign. We have hired the Steier Group to help us with the next steps of the campaign process and will keep you informed of our progress as we continue to move forward.

Thank you for your continued support,
O'Hara Catholic School