A Message From Father Don...
Capital Campaign Update
Dear Saint Charles Borromeo Parish Family,
We are called to live out the Gospel, in many different ways in our modern time. The early church distinguished itself from previous religions by seeking to serve those who are challenged by health, circumstance, or tragedy. Two thousand years later, we are still called to serve others. Saint Charles Borromeo Parish is blessed in so many ways, our cup runneth over.
We operate from a position of strength and momentum. Right now is the best possible time for us to take the next step in serving others. Parish leadership began to discuss what that might look like, and then we asked parish members what they thought in the feasibility study. The positive response was overwhelming. We are now planning to move ahead to install an elevator in our school, enhance the Early Childhood Center, and build a community center. This is a magnificent way to celebrate our 75th anniversary, by preparing to be of service for the next seventy-five years.

I invite you to get involved. Please join us on 9/16 at 7:00 pm in Borromeo Hall to volunteer to be on a capital campaign team. Good news, we have already had several hundred thousand dollars committed to the project.
Sincerely, Father Don
Capital Campaign Volunteer Organization Meeting
September 16 at 7 pm in Borromeo Hall
You are invited to become part of the St. Charles Borromeo Parish capital campaign. When you join a team you will be a decision-maker, a creative thinker, a parish leader. We need your help to tailor our campaign to the unique personality of our parish. You may join one of the following volunteer teams:
  • Prayer: to develop a time and way of discernment.
  • Events: to conduct a series of social events that do not ask for funds, but communicate the details of the plans.
  • Thanks: to express our gratitude to donors.

  • Youth: to involve them in an act of stewardship, to teach a lifelong lesson.

  • Ambassador: to contact every family in the parish to answer their questions about the plans.
  • Communication: to create a thorough communication system, email, web, text, video, brochure, newsletters, social media, to share information with the parish.
  • Each team will be supported by staff.
Capital Campaign Calendar Summary
  • 9/16: Volunteer organization meeting
  • 10/10-11/30: Small group events

  • 11/10: Youth event
  • 11/12: Distribute solicitation packets

  • 11/15: Ambassador volunteers contact all parish families

  • 11/15: Prayer/discernment time begins

  • 12/5 or 12/12: Commitment Sunday

  • 1/31: Celebration event
Feasibility Study Results
  • All members of the parish were invited to participate in the feasibility study
  • Over 100 people/couples participated in the study
  • 93% indicated that SCB meets their spiritual needs
  • Only 6% indicated that they were not supportive, many people requested more information
  • 70% indicated their readiness to give to the project right now by offering an amount they would consider giving.
  • 20 people volunteered, 10 people are considering giving a gift of an asset, 29 people plan to include the parish in their estate plans. 
(816) 436-0880 www.stcharleskc.com