What should my committee be doing?

Your capital campaign committee should be the loudest and proudest advocates for your organization and your major project.  Here are just a few of the responsibilities this groups shoulders:   
  1. OWNERSHIP - Assumes responsibility for the success of the campaign under the organization's board of directors who are ultimately responsible for the campaign and the project
  2. GOAL SETTING - Agrees and adopts the campaign fundraising goal
  3. PROJECT EXPERTISE - Intimately understands the project and its impact on the organization's mission
  4. FINANCIAL SUPPORT - Every member should have the ability to make an important personal gift to the campaign proportionate to their means and above and beyond their existing financial support of the organization
  5. PARTICIPATION - Attends regular meetings with staff and committee
  6. FUNDRAISING - Obtains or influences giving from peers
  7. RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT - Introduces the project to peers through individual cultivation or group cultivation events
More than responsibilities, the enthusiasm of this group of public facing volunteer fundraisers directly affects your fundraising efforts!  Recruit the right team and work hard to maintain their individual and collective interest in the project and the campaign!

Your campaign counsel should provide critical support and guidance on managing a campaign committee successfully!  Campaigns require a high level of attention and support over and above the fund development necessary for annual operations.  Adding Campaign Management Counsel not only provides your organization with the strategy and know-how to accomplish your goals, but provides hands-on assistance throughout the entire campaign.

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Dallas Heritage Village leadership team for History with a Twist_ their largest fundraiser
Unfiltered Experience

We recently helped Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park  through a Development Audit, Assessment and Plan as the organization assessed its ability to scale. Having concluded our work with them several months ago, we were pleased to be included in a recent (very funny and honest) blog written by Melissa Prycer, President and Executive Director, for the American Association for State and Local History called Conquering the Fear of Fundraising.
"When my predecessor said to me: 'How about you take over running the museum in 2 or 3 years?,' my very first thought was 'Holy #%*&% I'm going to have to fundraise!'...Now, almost 3 years into the ED gig, I'm not quite ready to declare that we have turned the ship away from the iceberg.  But I do feel like the ship is starting to turn.  How did we do it?  We hired a consultant."  
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