~ June 24, 2021 ~
Center for Economic Policy Research: Luis Garicano et al.
What insights does economics have about sustainability, inequality, innovation, and other key challenges facing the world after Covid? (also see What Did We Learn from the Great Pause?)
The "NCAA’s business model of using unpaid student athletes to generate billions of dollars in revenue for the colleges raises serious questions”: Why might some organizations argue that they should be "be exempt from the usual operation of the antitrust laws”?
LinkedIn: Judy Samuelson
How do we put the health of Main Street back at the center of investment and money management?
"I actually hope that… one day, videos like this and the whole coming-out process are just not necessary": How can organizations do more to shoulder the burden of change?
Project Syndicate: Hélène Rey
What do the institutions in charge of financial stability need in order "to ensure that green swans do not turn black”? (also see A Climate-Focused Index Fund Will Fight Skeptical CEOs and The Stag Hunt: Why a Circular Economy Is So Difficult)
Positive Impact Rating
What do students want from business schools? What don’t they want?
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