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April 13, 2017
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Public Hearing on Lead Service Lateral Replacement Bill Scheduled for Tuesday, April 18  

The Assembly Committee on Energy and Utilities announced today that it is holding a public hearing on the lead service lateral bill, AB 78, on Tuesday, April 18. The bill, which the the League strongly supports, makes it lawful for municipalities and their water utilities to create financial assistance programs to help private property owners with the cost of replacing lead water service lines. 

The hearing begins and noon in room 225 North in the state Capitol.
The bill has strong support from legislators, as evidenced by its 51 co-sponsors. However, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce has recently voiced concerns on behalf of industries and other large water users worried about the potential cost to them of helping supplement lead service lateral replacement for homeowners.
Action Step:  Local officials supportive of the bill are urged to attend the hearing on Tuesday. If you are unable to attend the hearing, then please contact members of the Assembly Energy and Utilities Committee and urge them to recommend passage of AB 78. Committee member email addresses are posted here.

Read the League's testimony on SB 48, the Senate companion to AB 78, here.