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5 things to know on July 26 , 2019

#1   Dynamex May Become Retroactive Under California Supreme Court Decision

With the Dynamex decision changing the way independent contractors and employees are classified, many industries would have to make transformative changes in the coming year. Now, the California Supreme Court will be deciding whether the Dynamex ruling would become retroactive.

#2 Election Cybersecurity And Campaign Bills Signed Into Law

Governor Gavin Newsom has signed 2 bills into law introduced by Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin. AB 1043 allows campaign expenditures to be spent on cybersecurity measures and AB 1044 would require those who apply to access voter data to take a mandatory cybersecurity course.

Click on bill number  AB 1043 - AB 1044


  #3 Senator Henry Stern Delivers Update To Chamber Board Of Directors

On Tuesday, Senator Henry Stern visited the Chamber's Board of Directors and gave an update on matters pertaining to California businesses and our region. Topics of interest included Dynamex, housing, and the economic health of the Conejo Valley.

To visit Henry Stern's Official Senate webpage, click here!

#4 Roadrunner Shuttle To Stop Offering LA Airport Pickup And Dropoffs

The Roadrunner Shuttle will be halting their services to and from certain LA airports effective after July 31st.
This will affect routes originating from and leading to cities in the Conejo Valley .

 #5 $21 Billion Bill Signed Into Law; Aims To Repay Wildfire Victims And Establish State Utility Accountability

A bill signed by Governor Newsom would allocate $21 billion into a Wildfire Fund that would go towards repaying wildfire victims, wildfire prevention, and utility ratepayer protections. The Wildfire Fund would be supplemented by utility customers paying an existing assessment on their bills and the three major utilities: Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, and San Diego Gas & Electric.