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Five things to know on October 27, 2017

Governor Brown Signs and Vetoes Hundreds of Bills
Bills S igned into Law by the Governor: 859
Bills Vetoed by the Governor: 118
Bills Allowed to Become Law without the Governor's Signature: 0
Total Bills Acted Upon: 977
Signing Percentage: 88%
Veto Percentage: 12%
Among the bills signed by the Governor are SB 63 (Jackson), which requires businesses to provide 10 weeks of mandatory parental baby bonding leave. Among those vetoed were SB 649 (Hueso), which would have streamlined permitting for new cellular towers.

Read CalChamber's final status report on this year's legislative session.
Thousand Oaks City Council Adds 1,080 Units to the City Housing Supply

The Thousand Oaks City Council voted 5-0 to add 1,080 units to the roughly 300 housing units that remain to be built within the city. Measure E, a law passed in 1996 prevents the increase of total housing units in the city beyond the number allowed. A staff report requested by the city council found that many developments since the 1990s had chosen not to use all of the housing units they were allotted and the "housing bank" was underestimated by roughly 5,400 units.

Read about the Measure E Housing Bank Report in Thousand Oaks Acorn. 
Agoura Hills Mayor Presents the State of the City

Mayor Denis Weber presented the State of the City at The Agoura Hills Recreation and Event Center on Wednesday, October 25th. 
Among the topics discussed were: the City of Agoura Hills operating with a balanced budget, the improvements made to Agoura Road, the renovated equestrian park in Old Agoura and the thousands of volunteer hours residents completed.
Federal Government Will Not Provide Funds for Delta Tunnels

The Trump administration clarified this week their position on the California Water Fix program to build peripheral tunnels to bypass the San Juaquin Delta and deliver water to Southern California. They do not oppose the project and will issue the permits required to build it, but they do not intend to commit federal funds to build the project.

Read more about the Delta Tunnels issue at The Sacramento Bee.

Federal Government Passes Budget, Paves Way for Tax Reform
On Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives membership agreed to drop their budget plan and pass the U.S. Senate's more moderate version of the federal budget. This surprise comprise decision allows for the easy passage of a federal budget and furthers the consideration of President Trump's tax reform proposal. 
The budget will include $1.1 trillion in spending and it is the first federal budget approved in a decade.

Read more about the federal budget at