The 2019 60-day legislative session opened on Tuesday, March 5, 2019. With new leadership in the House, Senate and Governor's office, the six committee weeks leading up to session set the tone, with a clear focus on priorities.

During his opening remarks, Senate President Bill Galvano welcomed Senators by thanking them for their hard work and encouraging thoughtfulness moving forward. He reminded members that they serve large, diverse districts in a large, diverse body that has a responsibility to uphold a level of decorum. He encouraged support of a larger, state-wide agenda rather than an individual agenda and reiterated that their purpose, both collectively and individually, is to serve the people of Florida.
Speaker Jose Oliva was more specific with his remarks and focused largely on the need to address what he calls the healthcare industrial complex, specifically drawing attention to the need to repeal certificate of need. He also spoke of the need to allow nurse practitioners the freedom to work to the full level of their training, the need for reform in the higher education system and the need to continue to empowering parental choice. The Speaker committed support to our neighbors still recovering from Hurricane Michael in the panhandle and to Governor DeSantis’ push for environmental support.
After convening both chambers together, Governor Ron DeSantis delivered the State of the State address highlighting his visions for education, the environment, elected official accountability and his commitment to helping restore the panhandle. He committed himself to continuing Florida's current economic growth and reforming the requirements for occupational licenses. He also discussed his vision for enhancing the state’s university and college system and emphasized his focus on skills-based education. In the much discussed realm of healthcare, Governor DeSantis pledged his support of policies to reduce the cost of prescription drugs and health care pricing transparency. He re-iterated his support of the families who lost a loved one in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas tragedy and his commitment to supporting the recommendations of the MSD Commission. He concluded his speech with a plea to prohibit sanctuary cities and highlighted the state’s condemnation of socialism and of any entity that attempts to boycott, divest or sanction the State of Israel.