2020 Legislative Session | Week 3
The 3 rd week of Legislative Session was bustling during the 25 th Annual Children’s Week at the Capitol! Children and advocates from all over the state of Florida visited the Capitol to highlight the importance of children’s issues to our legislators.

On Monday night, at the annual Children’s Week Awards Dinner & reception, honored 4Generations Institute founder Jack Levine with the Chiles Advocacy Award. Jack served for 25 years as the President of Voices for Florida’s Children, and he continues to advocate for children across the state of Florida. We thank Jack for his unrelenting dedication to children’s health, education and overall well-being.
Children & advocates enjoying
Children's Day at the Capitol courtyard.
Matt Guse, CEO of the Florida Children’s Council, reading “The Little Cockroach” to a group of children at the Storybook Village on Tuesday.
Thousands of works of "hand art" from children around the state hanging in the Capitol Rotunda.
Over 40 Youth Advisory Committee members, as part of a program at the Children's Trust of Miami-Dade, traveled to the State Capitol for Children's Week. They had a chance to meet with legislators, policymakers and advocates on current issues, tour Florida State University (FSU) and Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) and network with other youth advocates from across the state.
The first column lists the bill number and sponsor and provides a hyperlink to the bill text and history. The second column represents the number of committees of reference for each bill and the final column gives a brief description of the bill. Here is a key to help guide you in your review of where a bill is in the process:
Child Welfare
Early Learning
K - 12 Education
Juvenile Justice
Health & Safety
Two-Generational Approach
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