2020 Legislative Session | Week 4
The fourth week of the 2020 Legislative Session has drawn to a close, and last week the House and Senate released their respective General Appropriations Act Proposed Committee Bills (GAA PCB). The overall spending figure for the House's PCB comes in at $ 91,370,013,658 while the Senate PCB spending
totals $ 92,832,199,570 . Both bills differ from Governor DeSantis' proposed budget of $91.4 billion. The remaining weeks will be spent reconciling differences between the budgets as leadership from both
Chambers work to support differing priorities. Below is a comparison of the Senate & House GAA PCBs highlighting some of the specific funding differences:
Education Enhancement
Education (All Other Funds)
Human Services
Criminal Justice/Corrections
Natural Resources/Environment/Transportation
General Government
Judicial Branch
The first column lists the bill number and sponsor and provides a hyperlink to the bill text and history. The second column represents the number of committees of reference for each bill and the final column gives a brief description of the bill. Here is a key to help guide you in your review of where a bill is in the process:
Child Welfare
Early Learning
K - 12 Education
Juvenile Justice
Health & Safety
Two-Generational Approach
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