2020 Legislative Session | Week 8
There is only one official week left of the 2020 Florida Legislative Session. The budget conference, when both chambers will work to come to an agreement on budget issues and put forth one General Appropriations Act (GAA), is anticipated to start over the weekend. Due to the rule requiring a 3-day cooling off' period, the GAA would need to be completed by midnight on Wednesday, March 11 th for session to conclude sine die on the last day of regular session – March 13 th . We hope both chambers come to swift agreements as they work to finalize negotiations on the GAA. If the budget conference process results in the chambers being unable to agree on the GAA, regular session will be extended. 
Below shows the latest movements for the bills we are following, now that the committee meetings for both the House and the Senate have concluded. While there is the possibility of last minute maneuvering for bill passage, the majority of bills that did not complete the full committee process will not become law this session.
The first column lists the bill number and sponsor and provides a hyperlink to the bill text and history. The second column represents the number of committees of reference for each bill and the final column gives a brief description of the bill. Here is a key to help guide you in your review of where a bill is in the process:
Child Welfare
Early Learning
K - 12 Education
Juvenile Justice
Health & Safety
Two-Generational Approach
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