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This week legislative members were back in Tallahassee to discuss a number of gaming bills as a part of the 2021 Special Session A. Members were convened on Monday and concluded their business through late Wednesday afternoon, sending four bills to the Governor for signature. While the Special Session did not take up any children’s issues, we felt a special wrap-up edition of Capitol Connection would be well received. Since the final week of Session, the Governor has signed a number of bills into law including HB 419 Early Learning and Early Grade Success and HB 7011 Student Literacy. These pieces of legislation received multiple bill signing ceremonies as the Governor reiterated his commitment to Florida’s youngest learners and student literacy. 

After the session wound down and the dust settled, there was a priority bill that took a ride on a larger bill package which established the Mental Health Commission, sponsored by Representative Hunchofsky and Senator Book which ended up being incorporated into SB 96 the Child Welfare bill. As the Governor continues to be presented with bills and acts on the budget the Florida Children’s Council will continue to provide monthly updates. 

Along with legislation that passed, there were many priorities that did not pass this legislative session. Below under each area of focus are bills that died, but will continue to be monitored to see if they are filed for the 2022 legislative session.

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