January 10, 2020

Capitol Connection is your weekly report from KAC's Vice President Adrienne Olejnik on happenings at the Statehouse and issues affecting Kansas children and families. For more updates, follow KAC on  Facebook  and  Twitter .

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Session preparation

Welcome to the 2020 Kansas Legislative Session! The KAC team is excited to be back in the Capitol working on behalf of kids and their families.

KAC will look for opportunities to:
  • Help expand Medicaid.
  • Strengthen work and family support programs like cash, food, and child care assistance.
  • Monitor tax and revenue proposals and changes to make sure the state has the needed resources to adequately meet the needs of everyday Kansans.
  • Monitor budget proposals that directly affect kids like the Children's Initiatives Fund and state resources to draw down federal funding such as the Child Care and Development Fund.
  • Educate lawmakers about the realities facing kids and their families to find and access high-quality, affordable child care throughout the state.
  • Continue to educate lawmakers and emphasize the critical nature of the first few years of life in terms of brain science and development that impacts a person's entire future.
Team KAC

KAC's primary team members in the Capitol this year will include (from left):
  • Adrienne Olejnik - Vice President
  • Emily Fetsch - Director of Policy and Research
  • Mitch Rucker - Outreach Specialist
You'll be hearing from all of us, as well as other KAC team members, as we work together to create this year's Capitol Connection newsletters.
Other ways you can stay connected to our work in the Capitol include:

See you next week!
-- Adrienne