March 13, 2020

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Reflections on turbulence

A few thoughts for this week's edition:

There is little doubt we are experiencing unusually difficult times right now, as the spread of the new coronavirus upends schedules and expectations. I want to name the feelings of frustration, uncertainty, and fear that many of us are facing. These feelings show up in our personal lives, our work advocating for good policy, and in our concerns for our communities and communities of others across the world. 
It can feel as though we have little control as individuals in the effects we have on larger systems and our political, health, and economic environments. I don't say that as an indication of defeat. Rather, I think it's in times like these where we should realize what impacts we can make as individuals and lean into those areas with thoughtfulness. 
We can be kind and generous in times of uncertainty.

We can be kind and understanding with those we interact with each day - realizing there may be anxiety or fears hidden beneath a strong fa├žade.

We can be kind and caring with those we barely know by leaning into our connected humanity.

We rarely see and understand the details of others' daily lives - and often, if we just knew the "one thing more" in someone's life, we'd better understand them and react quite differently. 

As many of us limit in-person, face-to-face interactions over the coming weeks, keep in mind those who may feel isolated or who could use some extra encouragement. Support each other in ways that will help us face uncertainty with higher levels of peace and sustainability. 
At of the time of this message, operations in the Kansas Statehouse will continue - but without larger events and gatherings in the building. We'll be monitoring the issues as best we can in the coming weeks and keep you updated each Friday as important policies are discussed.

Take care --