Capitol Connection
January Committee Week Wrap-Up
Welcome to the first Capitol Connection of 2023! This edition will provide a wrap-up of Florida’s legislative committee weeks that took place during the month of January. As committees met this month there were many presentations by agencies and stakeholders. Presentations centered around legislative budget requests or topics of interest to legislative committees. A list of all legislative committees for the Florida House of Representatives may be found here. A list of all legislative committees for the Florida Senate may be found here.

Presentations of interest on education, healthcare, and juvenile justice during the month of January may be found below:

House Committee Presentations-

Senate Committee Presentations-
Additionally, a number of bills have already been filed for the 2023 legislative session and we have begun adding them to the tracker below.

As always, we are excited to continue to work alongside our communities, stakeholders, and elected leaders to ensure effective policy is passed that best support our children and families. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out.

Until next time!


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