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November 18, 2016


Special Alert: Upcoming Protests in Capitol Hill
The Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce has learned of two planned protests this weekend.  While we hope that these protests will remain peaceful, organizers of the Saturday night protest have indicated a more aggressive tone and we want you to be prepared.  Here is what we know:

Saturday November 19th, "No Trump, No Cops, No KKK" at 10 p.m at Cal Anderson Park.  We do not know how many to expect, but given the title of the gathering, there is a possibility that participants will march around, possibly to downtown. 

Sunday, November 20th, "Dump the Trump" at 6 p.m. at Seattle Central College.  We expect this to be a well-attended event; there is a high likelihood the group will march around Capitol Hill and then downtown.

The first amendment of the US Bill of Rights guarantees the right to peaceably gather and protest, and Seattle residents have a long history of protesting injustice through peaceful actions. However, a group of individuals have often infiltrated these protests over the past few years who have less than peaceful intentions.  Please call 9-1-1 immediately if you observe any signs of property damage or aggressive behavior that makes you, your residents, or employees concerned for their safety. 

We can all take actions to ensure people and property are safe: 
  • Tune-in to local media channels and social media accounts to stay informed about the protest to ensure you are aware of activities that may occur near and around you - we recommend subscribing to SPD's Tweets by Beat http://www.seattle.gov/police/tweets/ and the CHS Blog.
  • Call early and call often if you see anything suspicious.
  • Know where fire extinguishers and fire exits are located in your business, home and building.
  • Watch for suspicious activity and call 911 if you see anything suspicious.
  • Remove outdoor fixtures such as flower pots, chairs, table and signs.
  • Consider closing your windows if you hear reports of tear gas or flash bombs being used near your work place or home.
  • Record and/or save any video from the day in case law enforcement contact you about suspicious or dangerous activities. 

Update: City Council Regulatory Fee on Businesses
We previously reported on  a proposal drafted by the Seattle City Council to  establish a regulatory fee on businesses with 10 or more employees to create a dedicated fund of approximately $4-$6 million to support the work of the Office of Labor Standards, which implements Seattle's labor laws. This regulatory fee would increase costs for businesses with 10-50 employees by hundreds of dollars every year. For larger businesses, costs would increase, from $1,215 up to six figures. 

Business owners, staff and community members expressed significant concerns about the impact to businesses and a majority of City Councilmembers voted no on the proposal. The Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce raised concerns with Councilmembers, and we encourage you to take a few minutes to thank the following officials for asking critical questions about the impact and need for this regulatory fee:

December Art Walk Street Closure 

SDOT's Pike People Street closure test has been rescheduled to coincide with next month's Capitol Hill Art Walk on December 8th from 4-10PM.  

Nearby businesses, residents, artists, and organizations to make use of the expanded pedestrian space. Email Seth.Geiser@seattle.gov if you'd like to have art displays, outdoor dining, merchandise, performances, or activities. 

A public survey to capture opinions about the 2016 tests will be live until Dec. 15th and can be found at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SRM7TXM

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