Institute of Governmental Advocates
IGA Members:

Earlier today, the IGA Executive Committee met with Assembly and Senate leadership staff regarding the reopening of California’s Capitol building and annex. We wanted to share our perspective on what this means for the Sacramento advocacy community.
As you are aware, the reopening will occur tomorrow, Tuesday, June 15. This only applies to the State Capitol building and the annex. The Legislative Office Building (LOB) remains closed to the public. Reopening the LOB to the public will be reassessed during the summer recess.
Only 500 members of the public will be allowed into the Capitol each day. This number may be increased in the coming weeks.
You are required to enter and exit only on the L Street /North side.
There will still be a temperature check, series of health questions, and a security screening as you enter the L Street Pavilion.
You may use the stairs or the elevators in both the Capitol building and the annex. Only 2 persons are allowed on an elevator at a time.
While in the Capitol building and annex, masks must stay on at all times. Six feet of social distancing remains in effect, whether in the hallways or an office.
Legislators’ offices will determine whether they take drop-in visitors or not. If that is the case, the office will post a sign that says they can be contacted by phone/email.

You will want to call or email in advance of going to the Capitol building and annex to determine if a particular office is open to meetings.
You are strongly encouraged to contact a legislator’s office in advance to secure an appointment, rather than conducting a “drop-in” meeting.
Space in hearing rooms will continue to be limited due to social distancing protocols. Only those witnesses that have been identified as lead support or opposition witnesses will be allowed to enter the hearing room to testify if the room is at capacity. For both the Assembly and Senate, telephone testimony remains available throughout the remainder of the 2021 Session. In addition, on the Assembly side only, the remote testimony station will be available outside the L Street Pavilion. If you are a lead witness, continue to contact the committee to notify them for that purpose.
If you have any questions regarding the reopening of the Capitol or its protocols, please feel free to reach out to any members of the IGA Executive Committee.

-IGA Executive Committee
Questions: Contact Danielle McKee at