February 26, 2021
Patrick lays out 31 priority bills for 2021 legislative session
Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick announced 31 top priorities for the 2021 legislative session this week, focusing primarily on issues related to the pandemic and the state’s power grid.

The lieutenant governor laid out his agenda in 31 Senate bills that are typically given priority over other legislation in the upper chamber. 

While most of Patrick’s priority bills have yet to be filed and offer few details at this time, Patrick made it clear in a statement that he wants the Legislature to focus on rebuilding the Texas economy and advancing a conservative agenda. 

“Since the Texas Legislature adjourned in 2019, Texas has faced some of the greatest challenges in our history,” the statement said. “In fact, several of my priority bills changed in the last few days in response to issues that emerged from the winter storm last week. I have also prioritized legislation that reflects the principles and values of the Texas conservative majority.”

The priorities also reflect a number of socially conservative issues that Patrick has advocated over his tenure as lieutenant governor. They include bills concerning abortion, free speech in social media, second amendment protections, the national anthem at public events, police and bail reform, transgender people playing sports, and charter schools.

House Speaker, Dad Phelan, who is embarking on his first term as speaker, has not yet released a list of priority legislation, but it’s typical for the House leader to issue a similar list of proposals.

Spiller wins runoff election to secure District 68 House seat
Republican David Spiller earned a seat in the Texas House on Tuesday when he won special runoff election to represent House District 68, which stretches across West Texas and the Panhandle.

Spiller, a Jacksboro lawyer and school board trustee, gained nearly 63 percent of the 6,610 votes, defeating fellow Republican Craig Carter. Spiller had previously finished as the frontrunner in a five-candidate special election in January, receiving 44 percent of the vote.

With the election victory, Spiller will fill the final seat of the House’s 150-member body, which will be split 83-67 in favor of Republicans. Spiller will replace Drew Springer (R-Muenster), who won election to the Texas Senate in December.

Gov. Greg Abbott congratulated Spiller on the election win, saying in a statement that he looks "forward to working alongside David to keep Texas the best state to live, work, and raise a family."
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3/26 - Outstanding Construction Awards submission deadline
3/31 - AGC-TBB Legislative Day (details TBA)

4/23 - Board Meeting (10 a.m. at Pflugerville Courtyard Marriott Conference Center)

5/31 - Legislature adjourns 87th Regular Session

6/20 - Deadline for governor to sign or veto passed legislation

7/27-7/29 - Convention at Beauport Hotel in Gloucester, MA

9/16 - Outstanding Construction Awards (6 p.m. at Georgetown Sheraton)
9/17 - Board Meeting (9 a.m. at Georgetown Sheraton)

11/12 - Board Meeting (10 a.m. at Austin AGC)
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