May 29, 2015
Capitol Update
Representative Jeni Arndt- HD 53
Dear Neighbor,

I cannot believe that we have already made it through the 2015 legislative session! I have worked hard with my colleagues at the State Capitol to enhance economic opportunity for all, fight for our state's water rights, and ensure that our state is financially sound for years to come. I will continue to fight next session for legislation that moves Colorado forward and benefits our community.


Below are some of the bills I am proud to have worked on this session.

Flexible Water Markets (HB 1038) - Rep. Arndt (failed in Senate, but I will bring it back next session!)


Currently, the burden on landowners with water rights to control what they do with their irrigated water is too high. House Bill 15-1038 will exclude flex use from the current burden, giving water rights holders much more flexibility. As long as they continue to use their water for beneficial use, they will be able to use it for any beneficial use, including a compact obligation. This bill allows only ten of these benefit changes to happen annually in each water division within the state.


Instream Flow Incentive Tax Credit (HB 1159) - Rep. Arndt (failed in Senate)


The Instream Flow Incentive Tax Credit was initially created in 2009 to encourage Colorado's water rights holders to voluntarily donate their water to the state in order to preserve Colorado's bodies of water. The 2009 bill included a limit of when the inventive could be received, as well as a review of the policy after five years. House Bill 15-1159 will renew the Instream Flow Incentive Tax Credit for an additional five years. It will also remove the limitations on when the incentive can be received.


South Platte Aquifer Monitoring Network (HB 1166) - Reps. Arndt & Saine (passed and signed into law)


This bill directs the state engineer to design and operate a tributary groundwater-monitoring network in the South Platte River alluvial aquifer. This network will allow the state to check and analyze groundwater levels, with the ultimate goal of determining and improving the aquifer's conditions and influences. It also authorizes the use of a water resources cash fund to pay for the operation and maintenance of the network. Lastly, it authorizes the use of the Colorado water conservation board construction and maintenance of the network.


Agricultural Market Development Grants (HB 1320) - Reps. Arndt & Young (failed in Senate, but we are bringing it back next session!)


A comprehensive answer to the problem of agricultural development in Colorado, House Bill 15-1320 establishes an avenue through which private businesses will receive resources to help agricultural development expand and thrive. By providing study and business grants and well as reimbursement of market development and promotion expenses, HB 1320 will give companies throughout rural Colorado the tools they need to succeed.


Return of Water from Tail Ditch (SB 55) - Reps. Arndt & Becker J. (passed and signed into law)


This bill allows a person using an irrigation ditch system to use a tailwater ditch to return water to a stream in variable amounts. This practice will facilitate efficient operation of the ditch and delivery of water to everyone served by the ditch system. In addition, the state engineer shall not require the delivery of any minimum amount of water unless required by a court decree.


Sunset Barber & Cosmetologist Act (SB 106) - Rep. Arndt (passed and signed into law)


Senate Bill 15-106 ensures quality from our state's cosmetologists by requiring any organization employing them, as well as barbers, hairstylists, and nail technicians, to register with the Department of Regulatory Agencies. In addition, this bill extends the initial Barber and Cosmetologist Law, as well as the cosmetology advisory committee, to last until 2026. Senate Bill 15-106 also defines the services that hairstylists can provide and establishes grounds for discipline if someone violates these regulations.


Fairer Water Use (SB 183) - Reps. Arndt & Becker J (passed and signed into law)


Currently, how judges determine water rights is not a balanced, fair approach because it does not factor in actual water use over a significant period of times. SB 183 will adjust this by requiring judges to review a specific period of time in regards to water rights. By providing a host of information, judges will be able to rightly and justly distribute water rights in relation to the how constituents actually consume water.


Title Insurance Commission (SB 210) - Rep. Arndt (passed and waiting to be signed)


An inexpensive way to improve an industry, SB 210 will create a Title Insurance Commission to make investigate, analyze, and recommend policy to improve title insurance rules in our state. The governor will appoint the commission, which will meet quarterly, on a volunteer basis. The commission will recommend policy to the Commissioner of Insurance, who must explain his reasons were he or she to choose not to adopt any policy of the commission. This commission will work to swiftly and effectively fix the title insurance industry while costing next to no money to Colorado.



Representative Jeni Arndt



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