March 10, 2017
Capitol Update
Representative Jeni Arndt- HD 53
Assistant Caucus Chair; Chair of Agriculture, Livestock, and Natural Resources Committee; 
Member of Business Affairs and Labor Committee
Dear Friends and Neighbors,

(Me and Rep. Esgar's awesome office staff celebrating International Women's Day!)
Wednesday, we celebrated International Women's Day! This is a global day to celebrate the cultural, political, and economic achievements of women. The first time women organized IWD was in 1908, and this day has been observed on March 8th since 1913. 

In the Colorado General Assembly, 39% of legislators are women. That's the third highest in the country, just behind Nevada and Vermont. In 1893, Colorado was the first state to allow women to vote. With all due respect to our neighbors north of us, Wyoming was still a territory when they gave women the right to vote in 1869. 
  (One of my bill signings with the sponsors and Governor Hickenlooper.)
On Wednesday, I had three bills signed into law. Two of the bills came from the Statutory Revision Committee and they remove approximately 100 pages of old statute (HB17-1025 and HB17-1074). The other bill signed was HB17-1030, which modernizes the 1921 Irrigation District Law.
(Talking with occupational therapy students about their bill.)
I had the pleasure of talking with occupational therapy students about SB17-091. Under current law, home health services under the medicaid program may only be provided in the client's residence. The bill removes the location restriction for home health services to comply with changes to federal medicaid rules that allow for services to be delivered in the community as well as the residence. This is a good bill and I hope it passes!
You are all invited to join me, Rep. Joann Ginal, Sen. John Kefalas for a Town Hall at Old Town Library on Saturday, March 11th from 9am-10:30am. We will be taking questions and discussing important state issues. Please join us! 

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