March 2, 2017
Capitol Update
Representative Jeni Arndt- HD 53
Assistant Caucus Chair; Chair of Agriculture, Livestock, and Natural Resources Committee; 
Member of Business Affairs and Labor Committee
Dear Friends and Neighbors,
(Here is a video explaining the Statutory Revision Committee I am on)

(Picture of Rep. Arndt and the SRC at our bill signing with Gov. Hickenlooper)
Yesterday, six of my bills were signed into law all at once. These bills came out of the bipartisan Statutory Revision Committee I sit on. Colorado has a lot of outdated and conflicting laws on the books. All these bills clean up old and obsolete statute. Although these bills are not headliners, keeping the statutes up to date is time consuming, tedious, and important work. 
  (Picture of Rep. Arndt and RPCV on the House Floor)
Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of hosting Returned Peace Corps Volunteers at the Capitol. Senator John Kefalas and I read a joint tribute to honor their service. I am a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, having served in Morocco 1990-1992.   

I know understanding the legislative process can get tricky when you aren't at the Capitol. Check out my website for updates on where my bills are! There is also information about the budget and links for community resources.  
You are all invited to my next Town Hall! It will be at Old Town Library (201 Peterson St, Ft Collins, CO, 80524) on Saturday, March 11th from 9am-10:30am. It will be an open discussion about state issues, hosted by me, Rep. Joann Ginal, and Senator John Kefalas. Please come and bring your questions!

As always, feel free to call me anytime at 970-231-5090 or email me at


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Town Hall
Old Town Library
201 Peterson St,
Ft Collins, CO, 80524
Saturday, March 11th