October 26, 2015
Capitol Update
Representative Jeni Arndt- HD 53
Dear Neighbor,

Has a month already passed since the last newsletter? Where does the time go?

Water update: This week is the final meeting of Water Resource Review Committee (WRCC). We will be discussing and voting on the proposed bills and resolutions this Thursday at the Capitol. https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/cga-legislativecouncil/2015-water-resources-review-committee  Everyone is welcome.

Legislation: It's my philosophy to run bills that stem directly from issues/concerns from our district.  Therefore, I have submitted: two education bills, ideas that came from a local teacher and our adult education professionals; two bills concerning innovation, one in agriculture and one in technology; and a water bill that uses a market-based approach to flexible water sharing between agriculture, cities, industry and the environment. (Oh, and one bill that would allow students aged 21 and over in CSU's brewing program to be able to taste test their product as it's being developed. How else do you learn to make good beer if you can't taste it?)

Civil Discourse: In addition to my local and state commitments, I take very seriously my involvement with the National Institute of Civil Discourse. As a trained facilitator, I am helping to establish a national network of state legislators committed to civil discourse. In January, seven others and myself will be going to Idaho to conduct a daylong workshop with the entire legislature.

  As always, please contact me anytime-970-231-5090

Rep. Jeni Arndt

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