April 23, 2015
Capitol Update
Representative Jeni Arndt- HD 53
Dear Neighbor,

On April 19, 2015, I completed a training session from the National Institute for Civil Discourse (NICD) to prepare thirteen new legislators to facilitate workshops across the nation for its Next Generation program. The program is an initiative directed by former Ohio State Representative Ted Celeste to create and strengthen relationships across the aisle through mutual trust based on compassionate communication.


Next Generation offers a workshop titled, "Building Trust through Civil Discourse" as an introductory step toward establishing sustainable efforts to resolving political dysfunction and finding common ground. The thirteen participants traveled to Tucson from around the country for the training.  

I am excited to train legislators from around the country in Civil Discourse.  Each workshop is conducted by one Democrat and one Republican.  Our goal is not to discuss policy or politics- the goal is to promote Civil Discourse in conducting business in Government.
Community Issue Forum

You're invited this Saturday, April 25th, to a community issue forum at Council Tree Library from 10:30 am to 12:30 p.m. The library is located at 2733 Council Tree Ave. Fort Collins, CO (map). The topic of the forum is the "How Do We Strengthen the Middle Class and Prepare for an Ever-Changing Economy." Along with your local representatives there will be four professionals with expertise in this field. Hope to see you there. 


Representative Jeni Arndt



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Community Forum
Saturday, April 25th
10:30 am-12:30 p.m.
Council Tree Library 
 2733 Council Tree Ave
Ft. Collins, CO
Bring your questions about state government.