April 28, 2017
Capitol Update
Representative Jeni Arndt- HD 53
Assistant Caucus Chair; Chair of Agriculture, Livestock, and Natural Resources Committee; 
Member of Business Affairs and Labor Committee
Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It's been a busy week, so hold on, this is going to be a long newsletter...
(I was happy to host the Family Leadership Training Institute.)
On Monday, 150 leaders from CSU Extension's Family Leadership Training Institute visited the Capitol to hear a tribute honoring their accomplishments. The FLTI is a free, 20-week class that teaches 11-18 year olds how to make a difference in their community through civic engagement. This statewide program accepts applications each fall. Here is some more information if you are interested in applying: http://www.larimer.colostate.edu/fami/fami.shtml 
(Legislators speaking up against sexual assault) 
Wednesday was Denim Day on Capitol Hill. Denim Day is a world wide event in which people are encouraged to wear jeans to raise awareness about sexual assault. Last year, I told my personal story and this year I spoke about the importance of empowering survivors.

(Unanimous passage of the Water Projects Bill.)
My water projects bill passed third reading in the House this Thursday. It helps ensure a sustainable water future by allocating funds for water related projects across the state. This bill is part of the Colorado Water Plan which addresses the complex and never ending issues that come with providing all people and industries with reliable and clean water. Here is some more information on the bill: http://www.cohousedems.com/archives/11075

(Senator Kefalas and I presenting Dr. Straayer with a Governor's Proclamation)
After 37 years, Dr. John Straayer drove his last group of CSU interns to the Capitol. His incredible program has given over 1,000 students an inside look at how the legislature works. On Thursday, his family, friends, and past interns came together to celebrate his legacy and wish him a wonderful retirement. Thank you John for all you have done for Colorado!

(Rep. Liston and I dressed to the nines to present SB17-251.)
Rep. Liston and I testified on  SB17-251 in style. Yes, we planned this. The shirt was actually my son's from fourth grade and I figured it would come in handy one day! The bill allows   insurers and salvage pools to use the same electronic system tow carriers use to determine a motor vehicle's owner and lienholder. It passed out of committee 12-0.

(Poudre School District teachers at the Capitol on Friday.)
I was thrilled to have some Poudre School District teachers visit on Friday.As a former teacher myself, I know how much these educators do for our community. Thank you for coming down to the Capitol and lobbying legislators to do more for our education system. 
You are all invited to join me at Avogadro's Number on May 11th at 6pm for an end of session wrap-up. This is a chance to ask any questions you have while also grabbing a brew!

As always, feel free to call me anytime at 970-231-5090 or email me at jeniarndt53@gmail.com.


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