May 23, 2016
Capitol Update
Representative Jeni Arndt- HD 53
Dear Neighbor,

The end of the session ended without compromises on some big items we really wanted to see happen for the people of Colorado.  I am sure you saw the headlines.  I was disappointed the Hospital Provider Fee wasn't able to move out of the legislature and on to the Governor's desk. If that change had happened, there would be more money (without raising taxes) for higher education, k-12 education, transportation and local governments.  We won't give up and we'll be hard at work next session to make this happen.

Not found in headlines was a bill that establishes a new water right in our state. I was proud to carry on the good work of Randy Fischer and after three years we were able to pass the Colorado Ag Water Protection Act.  This new right allows farmers to lend, lease or trade up to 50% of their water without losing any portion of the right itself.  This will allow water to move more flexibly and that's good for everyone.  Next up? Establishing a market trading place for the water via an improved water bank in Colorado.  We have it drafted and are working with stakeholders around the state to get the legislation right.  

This summer, I'll be working hard on my committees that meet out of session. See the WATER tab on my website ( for a full Interim Water Committee schedule. I also serve on the Colorado Commission of Higher Education and we are headed to Minneapolis for a national conference called Complete College America. I am also fully engaged in the National Institute for Civil Discourse.

Starting in July, I'll be offering a series of 6 (one meeting a month) mini lessons called "State Government 101". Check the next newsletters for times/locations. We will be informally discussing the finer points of your state government. Please come and bring a friend. It should be a fun and relaxing way to find out the answer to: "What's it REALLY like down there?"

Happy Summer!!

Representative Jeni Arndt

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