4 legislative days down, 36 to go. 
The 2017-2018 Session of the Georgia General Assembly convened for its first legislative day on Monday, and Governor Nathan Deal gave his State of the State address on Wednesday morning. 

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Some highlights:
•     2% pay raise for teachers and most state employees
•    $20.8 million for children's autism services 
•    $2.5 million for behavioral health services for children ages 0-4 
•    19% pay raise for DFCS caseworkers

The Governor is recommending that the state base salary schedule be increased 2% effective September 1, 2017, but did not address the existing $167 million shortfall.  Nutrition workers, bus drivers, nurses, and RESA employees would also get a 2% raise under the Governor's plan.  
Lawmakers are out of session next week, and will reconvene for Legislative Day 5 on Monday, January 23, 2017. 
The State Board of Education held its January meetings on Wednesday and Thursday. The agenda for the Committee of the Whole is here.

The Governor has appointed two new members to
the State Board of Education:

Rep. Mike Cheokas
Rep. Lee Anne Cowart

Click here for a complete list of 2017 House Committee Assignments

Click here for a list of the 2017 Senate Committee Chairs
New pieces of legislation are being introduced every day, 
here are a few bills of note so far:
HB 24 QBE - Incentive pay for certain teachers (Rep. Billy Mitchell)

HB 28  Test drinking water for lead contamination in schools (Rep. Billy Mitchell)

HB 26:  Raise age of mandatory education from 16 to 17 (Rep. Erica Thomas)

For legislative highlights and review, watch  Lawmakerswhich airs at 
7 PM on GPB
every day the General Assembly is in session. 
You can also watch a live stream of each legislative day's proceedings on the General Assembly website. Go to www.legis.state.ga.us and click the Live Broadcast link on the left.