What's New in September

Three New Partnerships

Our team is always excited to share when we've expanded our client list and this month, we've got three great partnerships to announce. Capstone is very pleased to be working with the Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing to assist the Office of the Fire Marshal in reviewing current business practices and operations.

We are also delighted to announce that we have been named one of Inverness County's preferred vendors for upcoming projects that align with our expertise. We are really looking forward to getting to work on some keys projects as our team has a lot of experience working with government at both the municipal and provincial level.

This last one we're really excited about as it's Capstone's first ever engagement in the US! We've partnered with King County Emergency Services in Washington State. King County is modernizing its public safety communication system and Capstone will be assisting the team with identifying and documenting precise project requirements and crafting comprehensive RFPs to attract top-tier vendors. This engagement gives us the opportunity to tap into our vast emergency services expertise having worked with many call handling technologies.

Capstone & NG9-1-1

Did you know that Capstone is assisting some provinces and municipalities across Canada with their planning and implementation of Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) technology? Click HERE to learn more or visit our LinkedIn page and check out the NG9-1-1 campaign we're currently running. We've included some interesting facts about

NG9-1-1 and how we're involved in this massive, nationwide project.

Show Stopper: Privacy Specialists

Privacy Specialists manage the legal and operational risks around sensitive and critical information assets by assessing business operations on a continual basis, developing the right policies, procedures, and training programs, and overseeing all data agreements. Privacy Specialists might focus on the general operations of a business, or on privacy as it relates to specific projects.

The responsibilities of a Privacy Specialist can include: 

  • Ensuring compliance with data privacy and protection regulations. 
  • Answering queries on global data privacy processing and protection requirements from internal stakeholders. 
  • Conducting compliance gap analysis and readiness assessments for upcoming policy changes. 
  • Creating and maintaining documentation, privacy notices, privacy statements, SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), work instructions and guidance notes in cooperation with legal teams. 
  • Managing any data subject request process that the organization has. 
  • Collecting and maintaining records of processing activities. 
  • Preparing reports on regulatory compliance. 
  • Escalating any potential data breaches for investigation and resolution. 

The Capstone team has access to highly skilled Privacy Specialists ready to assess and develop critical policies and procedures to ensure your organization is compliant with all necessary privacy and protection requirements.


To learn more about all the Capstone Privacy Specialists have to offer, click HERE.   

Check out all of the services available to you through Capstone-on-Demand by clicking HERE.

Shout Out: Lara Ajimati

Lara is a Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP) with over 9 years' experience in the business consulting and financial services sectors. She is extremely proficient in collaborating with stakeholders to define needs, analyze, document, and recommend value-adding solutions and business changes. Her excellent communication, time management, planning, documenting, and analytical skills are a valuable addition to our team of experts.

Lara has been engaged in several key projects in her first year with Capstone and our clients are impressed and so pleased with her professionalism, expertise and often say that she is a pleasure to work with. Something we've known all along!

Capstone Knowledge Centre:

Back to School with Capstone   

Did you know that Capstone also hosts webinars and workshops? Our team is passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience with our clients, partners and all our industry colleagues out there. This helps us all remain connected, perform better and become stronger as professionals. Our goal is to build a knowledge sharing culture within our business community to tap into various subject matter experts and help find a better way to do things.

Recently, we had a fantastic opportunity to partner with Digital Nova Scotia to deliver two webinars on Project Management. While Capstone offers numerous business services, Project Management is how we got our start, and we're pretty darn good at it. In keeping with our commitment to knowledge sharing, these webinars are posted on our website so anyone can view them.

Interested in how we project manage? Check out Capstone's Project Manage Like A Pro - Parts I & II.

Capstone Project Manage Like A Pro - Part I: https://vimeo.com/794617393

Capstone Project Manage Like A Pro - Part II: https://vimeo.com/812444614

Stayed tuned for upcoming webinars and workshops!