Expert Wound Care with Proven Results

Outstanding results for Capstone Residents:

-Average wounds fully resolved in less than 7 sessions

-Capstone boasts a 32% REDUCTION in pressure ulcers!

VOHRA Statistics-

-86% Decrease in infection and amputation rates

-21 Day Decrease in wound healing times

-88% Decrease in wound related hospitalization

"My wound care team is the most gentle you could imagine. When I first got here, the pain was unbelievable. Now I feel like myself again. The worry of it getting worse is gone and I'm healed and headed home. Thank you, Capstone!"


Anesthesia for surgery in hospital.

With a dedicated Capstone wound nurse, an assigned VOHRA Wound Care Physician, and 24/7 care and support, you can be assured that your wound care goals will be met with expert and attentive care.

We provide specialized care for serious wounds such as:

·        Diabetic and pressure ulcers

·        Osteomyelitis and other infections

·        Surgical wounds

·        Traumatic wounds

·        Persistent skin irritations

·        Venous insufficiency

·        Neuropathic ulcers

·        Vasculitis and other inflammatory ulcers

·        Other chronic, non-healing wounds

Please contact us to learn more about this specialized program. Let us assist with recovery in a comfortable and caring environment where our experts know exactly what is needed.

Zoe DeBruhl

Director of Business Development

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