Thank you for running with us for the 47th Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon! We hope you had a blast and look forward to 2019: Project Gemini on December 1st!
Early Registration - Valentine's Day!
Thursday, February 14 | 9 am EST
Early Registration
Thursday, February 14 at 9:00 am EST
We want to thank you for joining us for the beginning of The Big Bang Series: The Next Generation! To ensure you are able to participate in the 4 year series, we are offering early registration on February 14th starting at 9:00 am, 24 hours before general registration opens! Be sure to mark your calendars!
Eligibility Lookup
Make Sure You're On The List!
If you have completed Space Coast Marathon or Half Marathon 2018, your name will be in the eligibility list to track you through the 4 year series. Please make sure your name is on the list!

Note: When registering, please make sure your first and last name are the same as 2018 and please enter your correct date of birth. This is the information we are using to track you through the series. If your name changes throughout the series, please email us at:
If you have completed Space Coast 2018 and your name is NOT on the list, please contact us immediately at:
Pictures & Results Available
Pictures to commemorate your 2018 Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon experience are now available to view and purchase through our partner, MarathonFoto!
2018 Race Video
We are excited to release a recap video made by our partner, Simple Media Productions, of the 2018 Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon!
2018 Finisher Certificates
Finisher Certificates are being processed and will be available at the END OF THE WEEK! They will include your name, event and net finishing time.
The Big Bang Series: The Next Generation
Join us next year for Project Gemini on
Sunday, December 1, 2019!
* Series Finisher Towel *
In addition to the 2 extra challenge medals, all 4-year series finishers will receive this Mission Accomplished commemorative Beach Towel!

(Please note: this is a mock-up of the beach towel)
Thank You To Our Wonderful Partners!