Having fun and celebrating someone with autism is what we are all about! The PieceWalk on May 4 , provides a way for your whole network of friends, family, neighbors, school, and therapy team to get involved!
As team captain, you set the tone for your team, so Go BIG! Go BOLD! And go for ELITE! Your Elite Chaser's Bag of Tricks is full of spellbinding ideas!
What is an ELITE TEAM?
Glad you asked! An ELITE TEAM has the distinguished recognition of earned badges on its team page and team t-shirt, eligibility for special prizes, and major bragging rights!

How do you receive your badges? It's MAGIC!  Each badge will automatically appear on your page when your team reaches the badge milestone. 
Your first badge will appear when there are 25 team members on your team. Adding team members is so easy to do! But more about that in our next Captain's Secrets e-newsletter!
You earn your second badge is when you host a community fundraising event. There is help available in The Elite Chaser"s Bag of Tricks!
Y our third badge is earned when your team raises $1,000 . Tips for fundraising are also coming soon! 
The ELITE TEAM badge will appear when all 3 previous badges appear. When you earn the ELITE TEAM badge, you’ll receive an email with the ELITE TEAM BADGE artwork so that you can also put the badge on your PieceWalk team t-shirt. You earned it and we hope you’ll show it off!
So why is being an ELITE TEAM important?
Because ELITE TEAMS are are working extra hard to support families affected by autism! When you go above and beyond you help AutismOklahoma with more dollars for free or nearly free programs for children, youth, and young adults affected by autism.  The money you earn is spent on yours or other families in Oklahoma and provides help for thousands of families. YOU are making a difference and we are grateful!