You Don't Have To Be a Magician to Raise Money!

Remember, you are just asking people to join you in celebrating someone special in your life and the funds raised from the PieceWalk allow AutismOklahoma to provide 86 unique free or nearly free programs, camps and events to 4,500 children, adults and families touched by autism across Oklahoma.
Click the Facebook Create Fundraiser link and follow the simple steps to get started.
Our website and Elite Chasers Bag of Tricks are full of ideas, but here’s a quick list we pulled out of our sleeves for you…

Sponsor yourself for $25 then ask two family members to sponsor you for $25 and now you’ve got $75
Ask 5 friends to give $20 and you’ve raised $175
Ask 5 coworkers to donate $10 and now you're at $225
Ask 5 people from your church or temple to contribute $10 and get to $275
Ask your boss for a gift of $100 from your company and now you've hit $375
Ask 5 of your favorite retailers to sponsor you for $20 and you're so close at $475
Ask 2 local businesses you frequent to contribute $25, and..............
  Abracadabra, just like that, your team has earned $500!    

We Really Want to Help!

We are also happy to share the list of Oklahoma companies who may match gifts given by their employees.

Remember, the #1 reason people don’t give is because they aren’t asked.

 We are here to help so give us a shout if you need some ideas!