Your TEAM members are your greatest asset in chasing ELITE!

Your friends can register on the PieceWalk website to be on your team OR you can invite them to register OR team captains can register as many team members as you like.
Here's how you Invite your friends:
Make sure you are logged into the site
Next Steps tools provide great ways to add members to your team!
Invite your friends and family by customizing a message and entering an email address
Your friends will receive an email telling them about your team
By clicking on the link in the email, your friends can register for your team, donate to your team and help your team earn ELITE badges.
Register your friends and family.
1) When you complete the form, your friends and family are automatically added to your team. You can enter as many friends and family as you want, which makes it easy to get to 25 team members and the MEMBERSHIP Badge
2) You can even enter someone in the 5K, like a child or member of your family. 

3) Reminder: When you enter someone in the 5K you must pay for their entry fee. If you don’t want to pay, consider inviting that person to join your team and customize your message to them.
The PieceWalk & 5K website has been improved to make your job easier!

When a new team member joins or donates to your team, you will receive an email.

Remember that donors to your team count as team members. 
You can also send your whole team a message through your team page.  

 This can help you coordinate with team members about t-shirts, fundraising events, your goals and anything you want to share with them.
REMEMBER, you MUST enter unique email address for each of your team members in order for them to get your messages through the PieceWalk communication tools.
Teams that have at least 25 members earn the TEAM MEMBER BADGE and are eligible for contest drawings between now and April.