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Capturing Everyday Moments
It is hard to believe we are entering the third week of social distancing and the changes that has meant for all of us in our personal and professional lives. The reality of it is different for each individual and family.  This week, families of school-aged children are learning how to juggle distance learning, and possibly distance therapy, for their child with ASD.  It can all feel a bit overwhelming. While most of us do not feel we can add one more thing to our ‘to do’ list, sometimes just the simple things we do every day can make a difference. Everyday life is full of opportunities for us to connect with our children, and to model or teach a new skill.  
Tip of the Week

Be Aware of Everyday

This week just try to be aware of these everyday moments and capture just a few minutes to engage with your child and think about how you can use the opportunity to model or teach a new skill. Here are a few examples:

  • Join your child while he/she is doing their favorite activity..no matter what that might be. Watch them and comment on what they are doing. (Avoid asking questions unless you are working on your child better answering questions).  As your child tolerates, join them in the activity. Work on taking short turns or modeling a new way of playing with the toy.

  •  Join your child during snack time. Instead of giving your child the full amount of snack hold some of it back, and wait for your child to indicate that they want more. When he/she indicates he/she wants more, prompt him/her to communicate in a different way (pointing instead of grabbing, trying to say a single word instead of pointing, or saying a short sentence). 

  • Take a few extra minutes during a daily routine, such as making lunch or dinner, and involve your child in a way that works for him/her. Work towards expanding his/her skills towards making a simple meal independently. 

  •  If your child is older, join him/her in their preferred activity. You can work on expanding their language skills, taking turns, working on dealing with frustration if something doesn’t go right. 
What Works Webinar Series
J oin us this month for our What Works Webinar Series . Each webinar is one hour, followed by 30 minutes for questions and answers. Webinars take place each Thursday from 12:00pm – 1:30pm.
For details and to register visit our website at https://okautism.org/Training-Events
Additional Resources
We are continuing to add information and resources to our COVID-19 section of our website. 

If you are looking for some ideas from other families, you can check out Fathering Autism on youtube and follow their family as they adjust to life and distance learning at home during COVID-19.

Please reach out to us if you need help connecting with a resource or if you need technical assistance managing a situation related to your family member with ASD. 
All OAN staff are working remotely due to restrictions in place at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center due to COVID-19.  

The best way to reach us is by email at okautism@ouhsc.edu

You can also check out additional resources and ideas for Autism Awareness Month on our website at https://okautism.org/Information-Referral/Autism-Awareness

  Stay safe and healthy!
The Oklahoma Autism Network Team