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May 2017
What We Believe
(Part 2 of 4)

"Our clients tell us that our cloud-based platform enables them to manage more projects and greatly reduces errors in the field."

It’s all about the tools. For athletes, that usually means speed, size, and strength. For DIYers, that may mean a set of socket wrenches or a table saw. And for those in construction project management, it means a system that connects all aspects of a project and provides their team with immediate access to current information.  

Sustainable success can only be achieved with the right set of tools. We believe that you want business tools to make your team efficient and to keep your customers satisfied. So, how is your team set for tools to ensure happy customers?   

At USGN, our clients tell us that our cloud-based platform enables them to manage more projects on or ahead of schedule, greatly reduce errors in the field, and actually spend less money to do so. It really is amazing what can be accomplished when our tool is unleashed!  

We know you have needs. Every good company does. Let’s begin a conversation! 

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Where the Rubber Meets the Cloud
Client Interview

One of USGN’s fastest-growing markets is grocery chains. This month’s client interview is with Beau Butler, Director of Construction, Facilities, and Design, for New Seasons Market, a USGN client since August, 2016.

New Seasons Market is a chain of privately owned grocery stores operating out of Portland, Oregon, with stores along the West Coast. Founded by three families and 50 of their friends in 1999, the company currently operates 17 stores. Many of the products offered are organic and produced locally in the Pacific Northwest. The stores differ from most grocers by offering natural and conventional products side by side. New Seasons Market emphasizes the idea of a neighborhood grocery store in part by naming their stores after the neighborhood in which they reside and reflecting their surroundings in the stores' design and décor.

Beau has over 15 years of construction management experience in the grocery industry, including successful stints with Orchard Supply and Whole Foods prior to joining New Seasons Market in 2015.

"We have already begun eliminating other platforms and replacing them with USGN."

Q     Why USGN?
A      “I was familiar with USGN while I was with Whole Foods. So, when I joined New Seasons, I knew that USGN’s system allowed me to go to one place to capture everything. And all of this was on a secure site.”

Q     How would you analyze the cost-benefit since using USGN?
A     “It may be too early to track actual savings. However, we have already begun eliminating other platforms and replacing them with USGN. This will put us all on one stream-lined system. In addition, it is much easier to access info in the field using USGN.”

Q     How has the USGN platform made a difference in just 8 months?
A     “The Construction module was implemented right away. We have 50-60 users, from our GC people to our architects and engineers, even some from our development and financial teams. They all have access to everything. We are already using it for PO’s, since our current system is problematic. Also, the photos are a huge plus for us. Now, we are adding the Finance module for financial tracking on a day-to-day basis. Real-time access is going to be significant. Once that is in place, the Equipment module will follow. We are taking a very systematic approach. ”

Q     Any words to describe your feelings about working with USGN so far?
A     “It’s been great, ... even easy!“

USGN Modules
USGN provides software solutions for all stages of your store life-cycle management.  Our software decreases the costs and time it takes to plan, acquire, design, build, remodel, and manage your portfolio of sites. Our modules enable you to effectively measure, manage, and monitor all aspects of your work flow including:

     Base System and Document Repository

     Real Estate

     Construction Workflow


     Lease Management and Abstract

     Financial Workflow

     Integration with Accounts Payable


     Site Audits

     Facilities and Work Order Management

Lightning Strikes
News Updates

  • Our 2017 Annual Conference will be held in Phoenix, AZ, in late October. See USGN up close and meet with key team members. Mingle with current clients to learn how USGN  has changed the way they manage projects. It will be a warm and relaxed environment to learn about the latest at USGN. We are finalizing details and will announce soon! If you are interested in attending, please check us out!
    Click Here to Register.

  • Our Webinars take place at 10:00AM PST every 3rd Wednesday of the month. Mike Leathers will lead and facilitate these key events. Starting with April, the format will be an “Open Mike”, with participants able to ask questions about various topics. Please sign up on our website to join Mike each month for an informative session.  Click Here to Register. 
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