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July 2017
What We Believe
(Part 4 of 4)

"We believe that you want a cloud-based solution that creates a cosmic shift in your organization." 

When the Chicago Cubs won the World Series last year, their loyal fans not only celebrated, they also had a shift of mindset. The proverbial “There’s always next year!” is no longer applicable. Winning another World Series is now the expectation.

At USGN, we believe that you want a cloud-based solution that creates a cosmic shift in your organization. A system that is more accurate, more frictionless, and more repeatable. Using spreadsheets, wondering if everyone has the latest set of drawings, and tracking down e-mail trails are exhausting and costly. You want efficiency and accuracy. You want to focus on building things and getting things done, not on a cumbersome and variable process.

So, what does USGN’s platform offer? It automates processes and methods. It makes day-to- day functions seamless and connects all parties through the lifecycle of a project.

It provides an immediate status of all projects. From site selection and bidding to time sheets and change orders, USGN ties it all together in one system. If you are currently using a variety of legacy software programs, we can either integrate those into our platform or replace them altogether.

If this is the kind of shift that you envision, give USGN a look. We would love to learn more about your current process and customize a demo specific to your needs.

It took the Cubs 100 years to create a cosmic shift. You can do that in 100 days!

Russ Otten, VP of Sales & Marketing               

Cell: 602.668.6880                                  

Where the Rubber Meets the Cloud
Client Interview
This month’s client interview is with Mike Minna, VP of Construction at Lewis Retail Centers.

Lewis Retail Centers has been in business for over 60 years and is one of the largest shopping center developers in California and Nevada. It currently operates 20 shopping centers with 8 more planned and has a portfolio of dynamic neighborhood, community, and lifestyle centers totaling over 9 million square feet. This prime space is home to many of the nation’s most prestigious retailers, including Best Buy, Costco, Home Depot, Jo-Ann’s Fabrics & Crafts, Kohl’s, Lowe’s, Ross, Target, and Walmart.

Previous to Lewis, Mike was VP of Construction and Design for both 24 Hour Fitness and Bally Total Fitness and VP of Construction for Trammell Crow. 

"We aren't forced to use or pay for something we don't need.  Again, this is one of the reasons we chose USGN."

Q   Why did you choose USGN?

A   Twelve years ago, I needed a collaborative solution. I looked at other companies that were too complex and sophisticated. USGN offered a simple solution with a boutique approach. Our business model was different than the typical USGN client. Their ability to customize to my needs was important.

Q   How do you utilize USGN’s platform?

A   We use it for construction drawings, RFI’s, and change orders. That’s it. Really, we barely scratch the surface of what USGN offers. That’s by choice. And it’s great because we aren’t forced to use or pay for what we don’t need. Again, this is one of the reasons we chose USGN.

Q   What is one of the biggest benefits to using USGN?

A   It’s about transparency! Everyone has access to the info simultaneously. This includes our architects, engineers, general contractors, and even tenants. For me, there is not one change order or RFI that I’m not aware of every day. This works very well for us.

Response time has also been really good. We get responses from Mike or Justin within the day if not within the hour. This is critical to the operation because USGN is so customized.

Q   What would you say to commercial and retail developers who do not have a cloud-based collaborative solution?

A   Not having this is like working in the Stone Age! There are no more scans and emails. We are all working off the same desk. There are no excuses for not seeing current information or the most recent drawing. 

Cloud 9

USGN provides software solutions for all stages of your store lifecycle management. Our software decreases the costs and time it takes to plan, acquire, design, build, remodel, and manage your portfolio of sites. Our modules enable you to effectively measure, manage, and monitor all aspects of your work flow including:

  1. Base System and Document Repository - Organize, store, track, and share documents and information for your sites
  2. Real Estate - Identify potential sites, follow customized approval process for proposed sites, and track key site information and projections
  3. Construction Workflow - Customize to your processes, including workflow, milestone tracking, dashboards, and cross project roll up reporting, and drill down to details
  4. Legal - Track legal details and status, including leases and contracts
  5. Lease Management and Abstract - Monitor lease financials and other key lease details, lease options, expirations, and maintenance responsibilities
  6. Financial Workflow - Manage budgeting, bidding, awarding of contracts via pay applications, change orders, purchase orders, and invoices
  7. Integration with Accounts Payable - Tie the USGN-based financial module with your AP solution with either a one-way or two-way integration
  8. Equipment - Assign asset and equipment tracking to specific sites, including costs, serial numbers, and warranties
  9. Site Audits - Conduct and track scheduled and unscheduled site audits and quality assurance surveys
  10. Facilities and Work Order Management - Submit, track, and complete service requests and preventive maintenance with notifications of upcoming warranty and service agreement expirations
  11. Franchisee Management Track and qualify from inquiry stage to signed contract

Lightning Strikes
News Updates


  • Our 2017 Annual Conference will be held October 24-25 at the Tempe Mission Palms in Tempe, AZ. The conference will include a fun event and dinner on opening night and a full slate of presentations and meetings the following day. In addition, nuts and bolts meetings for admins are offered the following morning.  If you are contemplating USGN as your cloud-based solution, this is a great venue to learn more about our platform, meet with our team, and spend some time with many of our key clients! Register here!

  • Our Webinars take place at 10:00 AM PST every 3rd Wednesday of the month. Mike Leathers leads and facilitates these key events in an “Open Mike” forum, with participants able to ask questions about various topics. Please sign up on our website to join Mike each month for an informative session.  
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