Message From Roger London

It's only the beginning of March, but 2014 is already off to a great start. New clients, including Techstars and the state of Maryland, are using TechMATCH in very cool ways. Speaking of cool, folks in Chicago and the rest of the eastern seaboard are also off to a "cool" start. 


See some incredible pictures from Chicago's recent deep freeze. Read More  

New iPhone Revealed (via Joy of Tech)

3 Reasons CEOs With Military Experience Make the Best Leaders  (via Business Insider)
"According to a new working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research, military service has significance for management styles and firm performances. Overall, the authors identify three traits of CEOs who've served in the military: They're more..." Read more

The Only Thing Scarier Than Self-Driving Cars Are the Hackers Waiting to Attack Them (via Yahoo Finance)
"Imagine a world in which hacking wasn't so much an issue of personal intrusion as a practice that could quite literally murder. That world may not be far off. A wild proliferation of self-driving cars is expected by 2035 that will be both tantalizing to hackers and critically vulnerable to malware, analysts caution. Self-driving cars are expected to initially hit roads in 2020..." Read more   
InvestMaryland Challenge Advances 41 Companies (via MD Biz News)
"Ultimately, four companies will each receive $100,000 grand prizes in four categories, including information technology, cybersecurity, life sciences and general industry. All applicants have opportunities for promotion, networking and feedback from industry experts. Total available grants and prizes, including the four $100,000 awards, are valued at more than $700,000..." Read more

7 of the Weirdest, Most Promising New Jobs in 2014 (via FastCompany)
"For the first time in years, job growth projections aren't entirely dismal, and plenty of people are itching for a new gig. According to one survey, 20% of Americans are looking to change jobs in the next year. Economists are saying that there could be more full-time, high-quality opportunities out there, too. And while you could look for a job in sales or finance or engineering, there are more exciting options--weird new gigs that hardly existed six months ago but that, by this time next year, you won't stop hearing about. Here are seven of the most peculiarly promising new lines of work out there..." Read more

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