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  1. Ericksen Legacy Fund to Help the Community
  2. How much per gallon of Gas IS the new carbon tax costing taxpayers.
  3. Kathy Kershner Running for 4th District County Council
  4. Volunteer positions to be approved by the Council will favor certain groups of citizens. Volunteer turned away from Health Advisory Position
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Senator Doug Ericksen represented Whatcom County and the 42nd legislative district for 23 years in both the Washington State House of Representatives and State Senate.

Doug advocated for constitutional freedoms and sought to protect individual liberties. Senator Ericksen loved beautiful Whatcom County; and after his untimely death in December 2021, his family and friends started a 501c3 non-profit family foundation to honor Doug’s legacy.

The purpose of this fund is to honor Doug’s legacy by awarding scholarships and community mini-grants in the following areas: civic engagement, community needs, or youth programs.
Press Release:
January 21, 2023

Ferndale, WA -- The 2023 Doug Ericksen Community Legacy Fund scholarship applications are now available for seniors graduating from a Whatcom County high school or homeschool program. A minimum of two scholarships of at least $1000 each will be awarded. One will be for a four-year program and one for a two-year or technical program.

Community mini-grant applications are for groups or individuals who need financial support for youth programs, civic engagement, or community projects.

Applications for both scholarships and community mini-grants are due March 15, 2023 and are available at

For further details or to make a tax deductible donation, please see the website.

Questions? Email:
Washington's gas prices have jumped 25 cents per gallon since CO2 tax took effect
Washington Policy Center tracks real cost of Carbon Tax
By Todd Myers: January 24th 2023

An environmental economist's formula uses weekly gas price data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. We compare Washington’s price for Regular gasoline to the West Coast minus California. We removed California because it has a similar tax on CO2 emissions and their prices are more volatile. As Yorham Bauman explains in this tweet, the gap between prices in Washington and the other West Coast states is smaller and more stable, making it a better baseline against which to compare.

Incumbent Kathy Kershner to run again for County Council in the 4th District
Lynden, WA – Kathy Kershner, a two-term member of the Whatcom County Council, announced today she will run for re-election this year in District 4, which encompasses the city of Lynden and about two dozen other precincts throughout the heart of the county.

Kershner was elected in 2019 with an overwhelming 75% of the vote. She currently serves as Chair of the County Council’s Finance and Administrative Services Committee, and Public Works and Health Committee.

“I’ve worked with the Executive and County Council members across the political spectrum to improve public safety,” Kershner said. “Most recently, I led the effort on council to add 10 deputies to the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office over the next two years.”

During her current term, Kershner strengthened the county’s Division of Emergency Management, Public Works Department, and Health Department so they can better respond to floods, pandemics, and other emergencies. She also voted for comprehensive plan amendments and code changes to the Cherry Point industrial zone, which have kept many of the county’s best paying jobs intact.

“We have so much to be hopeful for as we look to the future. I’m proud of the work we’ve accomplished, but there’s a lot more to do.” Her agenda, Kershner says, is to continue to provide effective, accountable, and smart government, and to advocate for a safer, stronger, and more compassionate community.

“In my third term, I’ll focus on ensuring that your local government listens and is responsive to you. This means increasing senior access to housing, support services, and transportation. It means confronting the deadly spread of fentanyl, which has parents across our county worried. And it means being responsible stewards of your tax dollars, especially as the recent economic downturn has left so many in our community with so little to spare.”

Going forward, Kershner believes that it’s vitally important for District 4 to have a representative from the heart of the county who shares a common history and outlook, and who can persuasively speak to the issues and concerns that its voters care about. “My constituents deserve a strong, steady, and crisis-tested voice, ever vigilant and advocating on their behalf,” she says.

Kershner retired from the U.S. Navy after 22 years of service. She then founded Advocations, a small business focused on serving the needs of adults with developmental disabilities. She has a bachelor’s degree in Family Resources from the University of Hawaii.

Kershner is endorsed by many prominent Whatcom County leaders, including Sheriff Bill Elfo, Port of Bellingham Commissioner Ken Bell, and Lynden Mayor Scott Korthuis.
County has volunteer positions available on 35 Boards and Commissions.
The following is one of the boards that has openings it is the only one The Fourth Corner can find where "Membership preference shall be given to tribal, racial, ethnic, and other minorities."
3 Vacancies, 2-year terms. Meets monthly. The advisory board shall consist of a balance of persons with expertise, career experience, and consumer experience in areas impacting public health and with populations served by the health department, including healthcare access and quality; physical environment, including built and natural environments; social and economic sectors, including housing, basic needs, education, and employment; business and philanthropy; communities that experience health inequities; government, and; tribal communities and tribal government. The board’s composition shall include:
  • Members with expertise and experience in the areas listed above
  • Consumers of public health services
  • Community members with lived experience in the areas listed above
  • Community stakeholders, including nonprofit organizations, the business community, and those regulated by public health
Membership preference shall be given to tribal, racial, ethnic, and other minorities. Council-appointed.

Councilman Tyler Byrd
Councilman Todd Donovan
But some are expressly excluded from serving on the Health Advisory Board:
Volunteer turned away from Serving on Health Board. Council Members complain as Councilman Donovan walks out of the Meeting...

The refusal to allow Misty Flowers to serve caused consternation at the Health Board Advisory Committee and made some wonder whether the views and input from all walks of life in Whatcom County would be heard on the very powerful board. Councilman Donovan walked out of the meeting; he seemed to disagree with the complaints of Councilman Tyler Byrd on the refusal of the Board to seat Misty Flowers on the board The Bellingham Herald Article is here...
In case you missed our last stories:
Check out this article by a Lewis County writer for an explanation of how the tax really works.

"Almost everyone by now has probably heard about what a lot of people are calling a gas tax that has taken effect. It’s a carbon tax, and it covers a lot more than just gas.... Read More here...
Richland School District Passes Resolution:
Policy 2360 – Race, Culture, and the Curriculum

The Richland School Board voted 4-1 to pass Resolution 2360,

…no student shall be taught that their skin color determines their ability to succeed…” 
“…no student shall be taught that their race determines their moral character;” 
“…no student shall be taught that their race makes them responsible for past transgressions of their race….” 
“…no student shall be taught that their socio-economic status or U.S. citizenship status makes them superior or inferior to others.”  Read More About this here...
185,000 Public School Kids will have 107 School Board Directors selected this year; Right Here In the Fourth Corner.

Want to get involved in your school community on a very rewarding level?!!! One of the following director positions may be your avenue for community involvement...
Over 3 Billion Dollars (without COVID recovery money) in Budgets...
Whatcom: 8 Districts (1 shared with Skagit) 23 Directors...
Skagit: 8 Districts (1 shared with Whatcom; 1 shared with Snohomish) 22 Directors...
Snohomish: 15 Districts (1 shared with Skagit; 1 shared with Island) 39 Directors...
San Juan: 4 Districts 11 Directors...
Island: 4 Districts (1 Shared with Snohomish) 11 Directors
Clallam: 3 Districts 9 Directors

Note: Numbers shown by County include the Number of elections:115 to elect 107 Board members in Different County juristictions.

*****Local Offices in Play 2023
(IN: Snohomish, Clallam, Skagit, San Juan, Island, and Whatcom...)*****

*****How to be a local Activist*****

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