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July 2017
Last week, the Red Sox released Pablo Sandoval. After being chastised for his weight last year, he began this season noticeably thinner, yet he hit only .212, by far the worst batting average of his career, and he was on pace to commit the most fielding errors of his career as well.

In light of these developments, in addition to checking out my new feature on carbohydrates, let us also revisit the guest column I wrote for Boston Baseball Magazine last season warning that focusing on Sandoval's weight would likely prove problematic.

Jonah Soolman, Registered Dietitian / Co-Owner
Leave the Fat Kid Alone
A significant difference exists between an athlete who naturally has a given size or shape versus someone who tries to force his body into that mold. Since weight loss does not happen by magic, we have to consider whether the behaviors Sandoval adopts in pursuit of weight loss would improve his game. Read More
This is a form of paradigm blindness in that some people do not realize that their presumed solution actually exacerbates the problem, so they keep adding more of the supposed solution to the ever-worsening issue. Even if someone does manage to sustain long-term carbohydrate reduction, such behavior comes with risks. Read More
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Later this summer, Jonah will be making a guest appearance on Meret Boxler's Life Unrestricted podcast.

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